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The Truth About Pam's Hot Coals Scene In The Office

It's certainly possible that "The Office" could go down as one of the best television series of all time. It won five Primetime Emmy Awards while it aired on NBC, and has continued to gain popularity after ending in 2013 through streaming services like Netflix and most recently, Peacock. Many fans have been hoping for a revival to happen, but writer and actor B.J. Novak has since noted that it looks unlikely (via Deadline). Nevertheless, fans are still able to rewatch the show as many times as they want with a Peacock subscription to see the show's most iconic and hilarious episodes.

In the past, stars from the show have noted their favorite episodes, likeĀ Melora Hardin who said "Dinner Party" is her favorite, while Steve Carell has explained that the Season 3 episode "Benihana Christmas" holds a special place in his heart (via SAG-AFTRA Foundation). However, there are other hilarious episodes that fans still love the same or arguably more, like the Season 3 episode, "Beach Games" (via Reddit). As fans know, the episode follows the group as Carell's Michael Scott uses a company "beach day" to find his replacement as manager through games and tasks after assuming he's getting a promotion in New York City.

One of his last attempts is to see who will walk on hot coals for him, and Pam (Jenna Fischer) takes a particular interest afterward, running on the coals by herself. Now, Fischer has revealed the truth behind how they filmed that scene.

Jenna Fischer's feet were sore because of actual lava rocks

During Episode 133.5 of Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey's "The Office" rewatch podcast called "Office Ladies," the two reflected on none other than "Beach Games." When they arrived at the scene near the end of the episode where Pam runs across the hot coals by herself, Fischer explained how that was actually done. She said that the crew used yellow and orange gels to fake flames at the base of the prop, then put small lava rocks on top of them. However, around the sides, there was an actual fire. "And then running on either side of this hole in the ground they had put two gas lines with very small little flickers of real fire that popped out," Fischer said. Basically, she had to run across cold rocks that merely looked hot for the scene.

Fischer added that her feet were actually sore after multiple takes, so her reaction is mostly authentic. "I'll say that people have mentioned that I look like my feet really hurt after I walk across the hot coals and they've wondered if I really walked on hot coals," she said. "No, my feet were sore and bruised from having to run across lava rocks over and over again."

Running over rocks many times with your bare feet certainly doesn't sound comfortable, and Fischer seemingly took one for the team to get the shot right.