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The Handmaid's Tale Star Clues Fans In On Juicy Serena Scenes To Come In Season 5

As "The Handmaid's Tale" begins Season 5, the main characters have become more complex, and their actions are surprising. In the beginning, it was clear who was bad and who was good, but as the seasons progressed, the lines have been further grayed. Serena Joy, played by the incomparable Yvonne Strahovski, seemed to be changing into a decent person, only to do something so heinous and evil that we hate her all over again.

June (Elisabeth Moss) has always been the protagonist, the character fighting for freedom. But "The Handmaid's Tale" fans have even looked twice at June as her actions have shown her using similar tactics to Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd) or advocating murder. But while Season 4 ended with June and the other handmaids killing Fred (Joseph Fiennes), it's clear from Season 5, Episode 2 ("Ballet") that she's having difficulty rationalizing the murder and how it defines her. With her decision to send Fred's finger along with his wedding ring to Serena, she's also drawn the focus directly to her. And if we've learned anything about Serena Waterford over the last several seasons, it's that she will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Even Strahovski was surprised at Serena's journey this season

Yvonne Strahovski spoke with Shondaland about Serena's feelings of anger and regret about Fred and how her journey towards revenge against June as well as her own survival plays out. "It's a very surprising journey that explores the many crevices of her guilt and how that is being highlighted because of her own pregnancy and because of the actions that June takes toward Serena," Strahovski explained. "There are definitely some juicy scenes, to put it plainly, and some fine lines that I had to walk this season that were really, really surprising. Serena has to explore a different kind of position in the rest of the season. It was a very clever move, I think, by the writers, and a satisfying one."

We can only guess what this might mean for Serena's future as well as June's. We know that the writers have put a plot in motion pitting the women against each other. June wants Serena to know she killed her husband, and Serena wants June to know that she has access to her daughter, Hannah (Jordana Blake). It's also clear that Serena still desires power, which she doesn't have in the male-dominated Gilead. The Season 5 trailer set up a showdown fans have been waiting for. Now we have eight more episodes to see it all unfold.