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Wheel Of Fortune's Vanna White Holds A Guinness World Record You May Not Know About

There are over 7,000 entries of "Wheel of Fortune," and most of them had Vanna White as the game show's hostess. The model and actress took over for Susan Stratford in 1982, and when she first started, she never envisioned the series would have lasted this long, telling USA Today she couldn't see herself "doing the show for more than five years." White was a bit off with her initial estimate as she has spent over three decades unveiling puzzle pieces for contestants and viewers playing along at home. From her gorgeous wardrobe to her enchanting smile, the hostess is arguably one of the best things about the puzzle-solving competition.

While it may look easy to some, White has had her fair share of mortifying mishaps and embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions over the years. But overall, the TV personality has endured and helped make "Wheel of Fortune" a resilient powerhouse game show that TV Guide once referred to as "TV's top-rated syndicated series."

The show's longevity and popularity have resulted in many accomplishments, especially for host Pat Sajak and hostess Vanna White. Some out there may not realize that both host and hostess have made their way into the record books. While Sajak received the honor of having the "longest career as a game show host of the same show" (via Guinness World Records), White holds a rather interesting title. 

Vanna White is the most frequent clapper

If there is one thing that Vanna White did more on "Wheel of Fortune" than revealing letters, it's for sure clapping. Every time that famous wheel spins, White puts her hands together with enthusiasm, and her seemingly endless efforts in this arena have paid off big time. Vanna White is the Guinness World Record holder for "most frequent clapper." As of February 9, 2015, the glamorous hostess had slapped her hands together approximately 3,721,446 times throughout 32 seasons, solidifying her small screen legacy and securing her place in history as a consistent clapping champion.

White never saw this coming — she talked about her feelings about the prestigious honor and how she is a fan of Guinness World Records herself (via YouTube). "I did not think I would hold the record for anything. It feels great to have this achievement. My kids are even more impressed than me. Well, I have always been a fan of the Guinness Book of World Records, and I'm so proud to be part of that."

While it may seem silly to some, there is no denying that getting into the record books is not an easy feat, and White deserves recognition for doing the job she has been allotted to the best of her abilities consistently and effectively. Out of all her impressive triumphs, fans should never forget to applaud her record-breaking run as "most frequent clapper."