The Most Eye-Opening Moments From The Owl House Season 2

Debuting in 2020, "The Owl House" instantly became one of the Disney Channel's most unique animated programs. Equal parts comedy and action with a healthy dose of magical lore, the show is packed with intriguing content. It also boasts endlessly charming characters and an ever-changing status quo that keeps viewers endlessly guessing what will happen next. The first season laid the groundwork very effectively, setting up fascinating stories and unexpected character turns.

The second year of adventures for Luz the human and Eda the Owl Lady take a sizably darker turn. Gone are the slice-of-life comedy episodes of Season 1; in their place are occasionally unsettling, character-focused tales. We meet new faces such as Hunter the Golden Guard and even see more of the growing relationship between Luz and Amity, dubbed "Lumity" by the fandom. From start to finish, it's a wild ride. Here are the most eye-opening moments from "The Owl House" Season 2.

Meeting Amity's parents

Some of the first notable new characters introduced in the show's second year are Amity Blight's parents, Alador and Odalia. We meet Amity's precocious siblings Emira and Edric during Season 1 of "The Owl House," but we only ever see brief glimpses of her parents. In the second episode of Season 2, titled "Escaping Expulsion," we finally see them onscreen, and they do not disappoint ... Well, technically they do, but that's part of what makes them interesting characters. 

The pair are established as the driving force behind Blight Industries, a company that specializes in abomination-based weaponry. The episode quickly confirms Odalia's status as a truly horrible excuse for a mother, as she makes Amity a focal point of her abominable product demonstrations. Not only that, but Odalia even utilizes a special pendant to communicate with Amity telepathically in order to keep her in line. This is in stark contrast to her husband Alador, a gifted but overworked inventor who desperately needs a nap. The episode sees Amity stand up to her mother for the sake of Luz, marking the first major Lumity moment of the season. This would be neither character's final appearance for Season 2; both Alador and Odalia play sizable roles in the season's latter half.

Lilith's cursed form

One of the biggest developments at the conclusion of Season 1 is the major character turn given to Eda's sister Lilith. After aiding Luz and Eda during the petrification ceremony, Lilith not only forsakes the Emperor's Coven, but heals Eda as well. However, by opting to share the curse she herself initially placed on Eda, Lilith begins suffering from its effects. These include not only diminished magical abilities, but like Eda, now she transforms into an owl beast. Her transformation is triggered by the arrival of her and Eda's mother, Gwendolyn, a well-intentioned if not exactly hyper-focused witch.

Towards the conclusion of Episode 4, "Keeping up A-fear-ances," anxiety brought on by Gwendolyn bonding with Luz causes Lilith to transform. Much like the first look at Eda's owl beast form in Season 1, it's an equally creepy and spectacular sight. This turns out to be the only appearance of Lilith's monstrous form in the entire season but it's still an epic moment.

Eda's new owl form

During the events of Season 1's two-part finale, Eda unfortunately succumbs to her curse, leaving her permanently drained of all magic. Throughout the first half of Season 2, the self-proclaimed Owl Lady looks to uncover more information regarding her sinister affliction. It isn't until Episode 8, "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door," that Eda makes any substantial headway in understanding her curse.

After being lulled to sleep by Hooty and some magically laced cookies, Eda enters an introspective jaunt through dreamland. This results in a flashback to a traumatic childhood incident where, while in owl beast form, Eda attacks her own father. This leads to her recalling her equally painful breakup with her boyfriend Raine, resulting in another transformation. This sequence culminates in Eda caught in a trap by a mysterious hooded captor who drops her into the sea. After washing up on shore, Eda encounters a small, weirdly cute version of an owl beast and actually befriends the creature. This acceptance of her literal demons results in a moment of bliss, allowing Eda to make a breakthrough. Upon awakening, Eda sees her new form: a more conventionally humanoid-harpy version of herself, complete with talons and a set of wings.

Luz asks Amity out

Ever since the seeds were planted partway through Season 1, fans waited for this moment. The episode "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door" delivers major developments for the show's main trio — Luz, King, and Eda — through Hooty, an unexpected source. In the case of Luz, Hooty opts to help her take the next step with her newfound crush, Amity Blight. After their kiss on the cheek in Episode 5, "Through the Looking Glass Ruins," fans wouldn't have to wait too long for another hint of Lumity, as ol' Hooty decides to take on the role of psychotic Cupid... 

Hooty kidnaps Amity, dropping her and Luz into the Owl House's basement, which has been turned into a tunnel of love. Not wanting to seem corny, Luz quickly sets the makeshift attraction on fire. Amity, mildly hurt by the implications of this act, quickly brushes off the idea of them ever dating. However, following the encouragement of Eda, Luz finally works up the courage to ask out her cotton-candy-haired crush. Amity quickly reciprocates and the two hold hands, officially becoming a couple — much to the joy of LGBT viewers.

Luz says a heartbreaking goodbye to her mother

Before the midseason finale, "Yesterday's Lie," Luz's mother, Camila, had really only been seen in the pilot episode and in occasional brief glimpses. But "Yesterday's Lie," Episode 10 of Season 2, finally gets her involved in the actual plot. During a test run of a potential portal door, Luz stumbles into a realm between the Magical and Human Realms. Through this quasi-mirror dimension, Luz discovers a doppelgänger has been living her human life while she's been preoccupied on the Boiling Isles.

This imposter, revealed to be a basilisk named Vee, has formed a genuine bond with Camila, which immediately makes Luz feel more sympathetic about the situation. Luz proceeds to talk to Camila, basically spilling the beans about her fantastical secret life, in order to help Vee. After saving Vee from a magical conspiracy theorist, Camila and Luz finally have a real chance to talk. Camila is fairly disturbed by Luz's description of the demon realm but shows genuine pride in Luz's newfound maturity. This takes a turn when Luz notes she had previously chosen to stay, much to Camila's pained sadness. The mother-daughter duo are separated when the portal door implodes, as Luz tearfully agrees that she'll never leave her mother again.

Luz tells Amity about her father

Luz and Amity's relationship brings about a lot of growth for both characters in Season 2. In the second season's Episode 14, "Reaching Out," Luz spends the entire episode looking for a distraction from an unexplained inner turmoil. This distraction comes in the form of her now steady girlfriend Amity, who is dealing with an issue of her own. Looking to impress her father, Amity enters into a magical combat tournament known as the Bonesborough Brawl. Luz immediately takes an intense interest in this endeavor and, as any chaotic and-slash-or supportive romantic partner might do, enthusiastically encourages Amity's involvement.

Following an ill-timed lie from Luz coinciding with Elric's interference, Amity runs off to be alone. Luz finds her at the tree they made during Season 1's "Enchanting Grom Fright," and finally tells Amity the truth. Luz's bizarre behavior throughout the day all stems from the anniversary of her own dad's death. Luz notes that on previous anniversaries of his passing, she'd spend the day picking commemorative flowers with her mother. 

The episode concludes with Amity conjuring up some flowers, then tying them to a balloon, and Luz indicating that she appreciates the thought.

The identity of Emperor Belos

Ever since his debut in the Season 1 finale, the true identity of Emperor Belos had been subject to much fan speculation. We don't see his true face — a human one with a bizarre green scar — until Season 2's Episode 9, "Eclipse Lake." As far as who he actually is, that answer doesn't arrive until this season's Episode 12, "Elsewhere and Elsewhen." Following the discovery of a part-human resident on the Boiling Isles, Luz is hungry for more answers. With her "cool aunt" Lilith in tow, Luz utilizes a phenomenon known as time pools to time travel.

The duo soon encounters Philip Wittebane, the part-human Luz is looking for, and opts to help him on his quest for a specific magical artifact. Sadly, Philip soon shows his true colors and leaves them to die at the hands of a creature while he absconds with the artifact. Fortunately, Luz and Lilith befriend the creature and confront Philip, with Lilith punching him right in the nose. Philip returns to his lair with his ill-gotten gains, seething over his hatred for witches. He proceeds to crack a palisman in half and absorb its essence, confirming his identity as Emperor Belos.

King is actually a titan

King, Eda's rambunctious pint-sized roommate, is more often than not used for comedic levity in Season 1. However, in the second season's Episode 17, "Edge of the World," King receives a whammy of a revelation. Earlier in the season, King discovers a few small remnants of his shrouded backstory predating his adoption by Eda. The gist is that King is the descendent of some larger horned demon, perhaps even a royal one. This information sets King off on his mission for the season — locating his father and potentially more of his kind. Eventually this leads him, with Luz and Hooty along for the ride, to a hidden colony of what appear to be other dog-like skull-faced creatures like himself.

But what begins as a raucous, yet heartwarming homecoming quickly leads to a dark revelation. As it turns out, King is possibly the last of his kind — a fact that immediately weighs heavily on him. The episode concludes with King faintly saying hello to what could very well be his father's giant skeleton.

Hunter is a Grimwalker

Episode 16, "Hollow Mind," is definitely one of the second season's darker outings. Amid an encounter at the Night Market, Luz and Emperor Belos' supposed nephew Hunter are transported into Belos' own memories. This is where they see the truth behind Belos' eventual rise to dominance over the Boiling Isles. These revelations come as a major shock to Hunter, who soon discovers his own twisted origins.

Soon, we are treated to the sight of a hallway littered with the helmets of past, presumably deceased Hunter clones. This morbid connection is confirmed when Belos says to Hunter, "Out of all the Grimwalkers, you looked the most like him." Belos further cements this by noting to Luz that Hunter is "a better version of an old friend." Hunter's connection to Belos isn't biological — Hunter is a Grimwalker created by Belos. It's an utterly disturbing reveal that fittingly concludes the episode with Hunter having a panic attack.

Luz and Amity's first kiss

They say if you hold out your ear and listen hard enough, you can still hear "Owl House" fans screaming with joy over this moment. As the season reaches its endgame, all the show's key players become swept up in the action. This is in stark contrast to Season 1, where really only the main characters participated in the action. Here in Season 2, all the secondary characters get something to do, including Hunter, Gus, Willow, plus Amity and her entire family. 

While planning to stop Belos and his draining spell, Eda encourages Luz to save Amity from captivity in her own home. Luz jumps at this chance, quickly assembling her friends to help spring her purple-haired love. Upon reuniting, Luz promises Amity the best "slice-of-life" date after they save the day from Belos. This tender and beautiful moment is punctuated by the two sharing their first onscreen kiss as a couple. After Season 2 makes Lumity official series canon, this moment is a glorious cherry on the sundae.

The Collector is freed

All throughout Season 2, we're taunted and teased with a mysterious character known only as the Collector. From Philip hunting for an artifact containing the Collector, to copious flashbacks teasing the Collector, the mystery regarding his identity is quite intriguing. It isn't until the season finale, "King's Tide," that we finally get to see him in all his glory. With the draining spell activated and time running out, King locates the Collector after the often-shadowy figure is thrown off a bridge by Belos.

The Collector quickly recognizes King as a titan baby, noting that his father was the one who imprisoned him. King then makes an interesting deal with the Collector — eternal playtime in exchange for stopping the spell. The Collector agrees and shows King how to free him, which results in the Collector and King saving Luz and her friends from Belos. Not too happy about being chucked off a bridge, the Collector makes quick work of Belos, squashing him into goop. This reveal — in which a godlike child splatters the series' big bad like he's nothing — is nothing short of mind-blowing.

Luz returns home

To say the Season 2 finale is insane would be a gross understatement. Not only do we see the culmination of Belos' draining spell, but we also see the Collector's true form. Rounding out these sizable events would be the episode's closing moments, in which King makes the ultimate sacrifice for Luz. With the Collector freed, he begins to remold the Boiling Isles for the "game" of Owl House that King proposed. With rubble and debris landing all around them, the kids — Luz, Amity, Willow, Gus, and Hunter — opt to use Belos' Earth portal. Luz tries to stay behind with King to find Eda, until the Collector looks to make sure King keeps his promise.

Before being pulled away, King thanks Luz for being his big sister and uses his voice powers to propel her through the portal. This strands Luz and her friends in the Human Realm with the portal closing only a split second after. The episode and the season conclude with Camila opening the door to see her daughter has finally returned home. It was a fittingly dark "Empire Strikes Back"-style ending for the show's second year, setting the stage for whatever comes next.