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Why Owl House Fans Love Eda So Much

Disney's 2020 animated series "The Owl House," created Dana Terrace, follows Luz Noceda (Sarah-Nichole Robles) on her accidental quest into a magical world, where she befriends a demon named King (Alex Hirsch of "Gravity Falls"), and a witch named Eda (Wendie Malick). Currently, "The Owl House" has a staggering 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and an 8.2 on IMDb. The show is beloved for its LGBTQ+ representation, as well as its writing, general aesthetic, and strong characters.

Speaking of, fans have really latched onto the character of Eda Clawthorne, owner of the Owl House. For the purpose of the series, Eda is both mentor and mystery, acting as a magical teacher for Luz, and serving the plot as a riddle to solve. For those who are unfamiliar, Eda's moniker, The Owl Lady, is less metaphorical than she pretends it to be. She bears the weight of a horrible curse that, left unchecked, transforms her into an owl.

Eda is a charming character who delivers wit and cynicism in equal measure, and it is largely due to this (plus the whole magic were-owl situation) that fans have taken to her as if under a spell.

Fans love Eda's complexities and kindness

In a thread in r/TheOwlHouse, u/Hopelesssap27 opened up about their love for Eda, stating, "Eda is a bloody fantastic character. There's a lot to like about her, but one thing I find very enjoyable is that, while she is somewhat (and justifiably) cynical, she's presented very different from other cynics in media." They went on to add, "She's very upbeat, goofy, and never seems to go out of her way to insult or mock the more idealistic – or at least less cynical characters. I think the thing is, while she's cynical, she's not bitter."

In response, u/TopHatSurgeon said, "Honestly; Eda is the kind of cynic I can only hope to be. Is the world a terrifying, confusing, nigh on incomprehensible place devoid of meaning? Yes, definitely. Is that going to stop me from seeking out the beauty in it, cherishing the people I care about and having a good time? Nope. There's too much to do and see to waste time paralysed by existential dread..."

And if that isn't enough to get your waterworks in gear, u/Kanna1001 left a lengthy reply that highlighted the strength of Eda's character. After detailing her troubled childhood, u/Kanna1001 pointed out that despite the horrors she has suffered through, Eda "doesn't have a cruel bone in her." For u/Kanna1001 and, it seems, many other "The Owl House" fans, Eda's complex mix of cynicism and compassion makes her an endearing presence on the series.