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Who Is Mark Bozek From Storage Wars?

Brandi Passante has long been one of the central cast members on A&E's storage locker auction reality series "Storage Wars." As seasoned viewers likely remember, for most of her tenure, Brandi worked together with her real-life partner Jarrod Schulz. However, after Brandi became a "Storage Wars" star, she and Jarrod eventually broke up. Jarrod still continued to appear on-air, though Brandi characterized working opposite her ex on "Storage Wars" as an uncomfortable experience. After the two of them then appeared separately for a time, Jarrod was at one point charged with a count of domestic battery following a run-in with Brandi. Since then, "Storage Wars" has continued sans Jarrod, with Brandi remaining one if its key personalities.

While Jarrod may be the individual with whom viewers most closely associated Brandi in the past, he's not the only person she's teamed up with over the course of the series — Brandi has likewise enlisted the help of a man named Mark Bozek on a number of "Storage Wars" episodes. However, unlike Jarrod, who was just as much of a cast member as Brandi, Bozek is a sporadic presence. Now, following Jarrod's departure, Bozek has begun to return on occasion to work with Brandi anew. Viewers, then, might have various reasons for wanting to learn more about who, exactly, Bozek is and what his presence means to the show.

Mark Bozek seems to be close with Brandi

Unlike perhaps most realty show stars, Mark Bozek's presence online is minimal. His only active social media profile appears to be a Twitter account, and even that has only been updated once since 2015. Nevertheless, Bozek's Twitter account reveals some insight into his life that may interest "Storage Wars" fans.

Most of Bozek's Tweets are either about "Storage Wars" or the Los Angeles Kings, which is the hockey team that represents L.A. in the NHL. In late 2014, however, Bozek retweeted a fan who shared a photo from the thrift store Brandi Passante used to run. Its caption insinuates that that Bozek worked at Brandi's thrift shop, suggesting that their business partnership at least once extended beyond just what was showcased on "Storage Wars."

Little else is online about Bozek outside of his Kings fandom and closeness to Brandi. That said, Bozek appears to be skilled at storage unit auctioning, hence Brandi partnering with him on various occasions. In one "Storage Wars" episode from 2022 that A&E promoted on its official Twitter account, for example, Bozek encourages Brandi to purchase a locker they expect will net them roughly five times what she paid.

Bozek, then, seems to be a personal friend of Brandi's, lending his expertise in more than one of her business ventures, while remaining a private individual outside of promoting his TV appearances and engaging with his favorite sports team.