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Whatever Happened To Storage Wars Stars Brandi And Jarrod's Thrift Stores?

Episodes of A&E reality series "Storage Wars" revolve around auctions for the contents of storage lockers whose renters failed to pay their storage facility, and the buyers whose professional lives consist of attending those auctions. While bidding on items and attempting to flip them for a profit is a relatively straightforward proposition, both private bidders and "Storage Wars" cast members must follow certain rules, including a blanket prohibition against inspecting the individual contents of a storage locker prior to bidding on it.

Brandi Passante is an original "Storage Wars" cast member, first appearing in Season 1 and more-or-less remaining a continuous presence throughout the series' run. A lot has changed in Brandi's personal life over the course of "Storage Wars," however. For instance, Brandi started the show dating Jarrod Schulz, and the two effectively worked together as a pair early on. Ultimately, though, their relationship fell apart, and Jarrod was even charged with a count of domestic battery following an incident after their break-up. As of now, Jarrod is no longer a part of "Storage Wars."

With this in mind, some fans of "Storage Wars" may be wondering what became of a pair of thrift stores Brandi and Jarrod opened together that were featured at various points on-air.

Brandi and Jarrod's thrift stores are no more

As it so happens, neither of the thrift stores Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz once operated are in business today. The dissolution of the second Long Beach, California location of their Now And Then Second Hand Store is mentioned on "Storage Wars," in an episode where they reveal that the shop never quite turned a profit. The only two Yelp reviews for this location are from 2013, suggesting that it may not have even been open for a full year.

Their flagship Orange, California location, meanwhile, seems to have closed in 2016. While the store appears to have never officially announced the shuttering of its doors, the most recent post on its official Facebook page was in February of 2016. Furthermore, a Yelp reviewer in March of 2016 reported that the location appeared to be closed down at that point in time.

In the absence of her thrift store operation, however, Brandi remains a "Storage Wars" cast member, and a serious competitor at that. Brandi briefly spoke to People prior to the series' 300th episode, which aired in early 2021, about bidding against fellow cast member Lisa Delarios. "Lisa and I are friends, I think," she said. "But when you bid against me, the claws come out."

Fans of Brandi on "Storage Wars," then, may not be able to visit her thrift store, but can continue to watch her compete in episodes of A&E's hit storage facility auction reality show.