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It Appears This Superman & Lois Season 1 Villain Will Be Making A Return In Season 3

Not much remains of the CW's Arrowverse following the cancellation of "Batwoman," "Legends of Tomorrow," and "Supergirl." The network decided to go in a slightly different direction after over 10 years of incredible success with DC characters, with only "Superman & Lois," "The Flash," and "Supergirl" continuing on the network. While "The Flash" is entering its ninth and final season, "Superman & Lois" is thriving on its way into Season 3. The series has had little to no hiccups along the way besides needing to recast the role of Jonathan Kent.

In the Season 2 finale, Ally Aston, now merged with her inverse self, nearly merges the Earth with the Inverse Earth. With amplified powers after Tal-Rho throws him into the Sun, Superman manages to overpower and split Ally back in two and separate the two colliding worlds. Clark and Lana are afterward able to reconcile their relationship, while Lois tells Chrissy about Clark's true identity. Clark builds a new Fortress of Solitude for the family, and the Arrowverse's Diggle recruits John to figure out why Intergang killed this Earth's John Henry.

Season 2 wrapped up many of the lingering plot lines in "Superman & Lois," so it isn't clear what the series will cover in Season 3. The CW has not revealed details of the plot of Season 3. While the third season won't premiere until 2023, filming is underway in Vancouver, and thanks to a new set video, fans can expect a Season 1 villain to make his return.

The Atom-Man returns in Superman & Lois Season 3

Today was a big day for fans of "Superman & Lois." Not only was the first look at Superman's new costume posted online, but a video from the set revealed the return of Henry Miller, aka Atom-Man. 

The video comes from CaptCanuck66 on Twitter, a British Colombia resident who has posted numerous pictures and videos from the set of "Superman & Lois." In the video, Atom-Man confronts Superman, rips off the door of a taxi, and charges toward the Man of Steel. The scene will feature in the Season 3 premiere of "Superman & Lois" titled "Closer." Tom Cavanagh, who fans know as Harrison Wells on "The Flash," is directing the episode. It's unclear how significant Atom-Man's presence will be in Season 3.

It's pretty surprising how clear the footage is, given the secrecy that usually surrounds superhero projects. The CW doesn't seem to care too much as a massive crowd stands just off camera with many fans recording the scene. The video also gives another great look at Kal-El's newest on-screen attire. 

"Superman & Lois" introduced Atom-Man in Season 1, Episode 11, "A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events." The episode shows flashbacks of a young Superman as fans get glimpses of The CW's origin for the character. Atom-Man was one of the hero's earliest villains while getting his start as Metropolis' hero. The character was one of the first super-powered enemies that the Man of Steel faced in his 1940s radio show, "The Adventures of Superman."