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Here's Why The Marvel Studios Special Presentation Intro Rings All Of The Nostalgia Bells

Disney's D23 Expo 2022 was jam-packed with plenty of exciting announcements regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, giving Marvel fans a few glimpses of what to expect from Phase 5 of the MCU and beyond. A few of the most important reveals from this event included the full confirmed team for "Thunderbolts," the first trailer for the Disney+ series "Secret Invasion," and an exclusive look at Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors) in "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania."

In addition to these blockbuster announcements regarding the next phase of the MCU, perhaps the most unique Marvel project showcased at the event was the "Werewolf By Night" holiday special, a Disney+ original being billed as "a Marvel Studios Special Presentation." The black-and-white Halloween special looks unlike anything we've ever seen within the Marvel Cinematic Universe: pitting a group of master monster-hunters against one another in a fun, stylish homage to classic horror films.

Although there's no question that the brief trailer for "Werewolf by Night" is sure to appeal to fans of classic horror movies, one of the most nostalgic aspects about this trailer is actually the short Special Presentation intro at the very beginning — which seems to be a reference to the iconic Special Presentation intro from CBS.

Marvel's Special Presetation intro is very similar to CBS's iconic Special Presentation intro

Marvel's new Special Presentation intro begins with shots of bright neon light racing past the camera, followed by the words "Special Presentation" (written in all caps, with the word "Special" in a brighter, bolder font) pushing back into the frame and rotating clockwise, settling into the title "A Marvel Studios Special Presentation." This intro is very similar to the 1985 Special Presentation intro from CBS: which begins with the word "Special" rotating counterclockwise toward the camera, followed by several neon afterimages of the word, before pushing back and settling on the title "A CBS Special Presentation" — once again with the word "Special" in bright, bold lettering.

On top of the similarities between the two opening graphics, it's also important to mention that both intros have a very similar score. Indeed, both the CBS intro and the Marvel intro are accompanied by a fast-paced drumline and energetic trumpets, which reach a crescendo once the full title is revealed. Whether or not these overt similarities were intentional on the behalf of Marvel Studios, the fact remains that this unique intro is a major nostalgia trigger for all those who remember the CBS Special Presentation intro — which, as luck would have it, also accompanied Holiday specials such as "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

In any case, this unique and nostalgic intro certainly helps to set up the distinct tone of "Werewolf by Night" and does a great job at evoking classic Holiday specials from the past.