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Small Details You Missed In Marvel's Werewolf By Night Trailer

One of the biggest surprises to come out of Marvel Studios' panel at 2022's D23 event was the release of the "Werewolf by Night" trailer. Kevin Feige revealed this is the first-ever holiday special for Marvel Studios, and the trailer even debuted a new intro card we've never seen before. Instead of the traditional Marvel Studios logo we're used to, a colorful Netflix-esque graphic introduced a Special Presentation card with the studio logo above it.

The "Werewolf by Night" trailer is like nothing we've ever seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before. It is a campy throwback to the Hammer Horror films of old, shot entirely in black-and-white and creepy as all get out. The popcorn flick will be the MCU's first Halloween special, introducing Jack Russell (Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal), aka Werewolf by Night, into the cinematic universe. We met some classic comic book characters in the trailer while also being introduced to brand new players, all in this terrifying gathering of monster hunters.

There's a lot to be distracted by in the unusual trailer, so we broke down some of the small details you might have missed.

Man-Thing makes his MCU debut

A character we weren't quite sure we'd ever get in the MCU is finally here. Man-Thing made his Marvel Studios debut in the "Werewolf by Night" trailer in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. Dr. Ted Sallis first appeared in 1971's "Savage Tales" #1 and is one of Marvel Comics' most unusual characters. Dr. Sallis becomes Man-Thing after injecting himself with his SO-2 serum (a failed supers-soldier serum replica) and crashing his car into a part of the Florida Everglades that just happens to be the Nexus of All Realities.

Man-Thing does have connections to Werewolf in the comics, as both were members of the Legion of Monsters. Whether that group forms in the holiday special remains to be seen, but the team also includes Elsa Bloodstone, who is featured in the "Werewolf by Night" trailer heavily (we think). You can see Man-Thing at the 1:05 mark in the trailer, where he looks to be melting a combatant 

Elsa Bloodstone takes center stage

It has not been officially confirmed at this point, but it's almost a 99% certainty that "Outlander" star Laura Donnelly is playing Elsa Bloodstone in "Werewolf by Night." The daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone, Elsa is a master monster hunter, but she's without her trusty shotgun in the new trailer. The woman we see in the trailer is much more timid than the Elsa fans of the comics know and love. Donnelly's character seems to cower around Jack Russell when he's transforming into Werewolf in front of her in the cage. This could be just a front, as we hopefully see Elsa turn into the badass she's known in Marvel's pages.

The film's black-and-white appearance makes Elsa's hair look like it's a dark brown or black, but it's definitely possible she's sporting bright red locks. Perhaps "Werewolf by Night" will swap to color at one point, revealing Elsa's true identity to the audience.

The TVA is back and fighting monsters

Some characters don't quite fit in with the theme of "Werewolf by Night," sticking out like sore thumbs. Outside of the creepy and spooky monster hunters we see gathering at Verusa's (Harriet Sansom Harris) behest, there are uniformed outsiders who appear to be crashing the party. Those uniforms look awfully familiar, as we saw them on Time Variance Authority agents in "Loki" Season 1.

These agents are tasked with capturing variants and those who disrupt the sacred timeline. It's suspected that "Werewolf by Night" takes place in the past, and we think they might be crashing the monster mash in search of the Darkhold. The sacred text first appeared in "Marvel Spotlight Vol. 1" #1, which centered around a "Werewolf by Night" story. Jack Russell finds the Darkhold, which we know is extremely dangerous, thanks to the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). It makes sense the TVA would intervene anywhere the Darkhold might be present, as someone can connect to an alternate self in another timeline, making them a major TVA threat.