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Barbarian's Justin Long Roasts Georgina Campbell For This Missed Opportunity - Exclusive

"Barbarian" is everything you could want in a horror movie and more. On top of being a modern take on the genre, the cast boasts heavy hitters like Justin Long (AJ), Georgina Campbell (Tess), and Bill Skarsgård (Keith). Even Kate Bosworth is the voice of Long's agent on the phone in his first scene. 

The film takes viewers on a chaotic journey through a labyrinth of creepy tunnels under an Airbnb — and just when you think you have things figured out, one more piece of the puzzle always reveals itself. The film is a brilliant commentary on the kind of people who tout phrases like "not all men" while partaking in microaggressions that are terrifying for women. It's an unexpected but not unwelcome component of the movie — it's always refreshing when horror makes a statement between the jump scares. So what was it like for Campbell to tell this story alongside two of horror's best and brightest? 

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Justin Long roasted Georgina Campbell for a hilarious missed opportunity with Skarsgård, and Campbell dished on what it was like working with both actors. 

The best in the horror business

At the notion of comparing her scenes with Bill Skarsgård and Justin Long, Georgina Campbell jokingly said, "Well, let's compare. Justin and Bill ... [Laughs] Who was better?"  — prompting Long to put his hands over his ears so he couldn't hear the answer. "No. Oh, my God, it was amazing," added Campbell. "I was so excited when I heard [that] Justin Long and Bill Skarsgård were in the cast. I couldn't believe my luck. It was incredible."

While some movies film out of order, "Barbarian" stuck to chronological filming when it came to the appearance of Long and Skarsgård. "We started with the stuff with Bill, which was great. He's such a talented actor, and he made those scenes so fun and comfortable, and we got that natural back-and-forward, and it was great," she explained. "[It was] very different than when I worked with Justin, where we're both on level 10 of like, 'Oh, my God' — life-or-death situation all the way through."

Pennywise for your thoughts?

All teasing aside, Georgina Campbell had nothing but praise for the experience with her co-stars as a whole. "It was great. I felt so comfortable with both of them, and they're both such talented actors. It was easy and fun," she said.

Justin Long mused, "Georgina, do you remember the bone I picked with you about Bill [Skarsgård]? I said, 'What about your outgoing message?'" Long reminded her that he told her during filming that she should have gotten Bill Skarsgård to do her outgoing phone message as Pennywise. Her first name matches the name of Pennywise's first victim, Georgie — a nickname that Long called her at least once during the interview.

Sadly, the horror-inspired outgoing message was not to be. "She hadn't [asked Bill that] ... I was like, 'Oh, Bill would be perfect — Georgie,'" Long said, before imitating Pennywise's creepy voice. "This is Georgie's phone. Georgie can't get to the phone." Well, if Hollywood ever needs another "IT" reboot, they know who to call.

"Barbarian" is now playing in theaters.