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Michael Keaton Answers Questions About His Future As Batman

It's been three decades since Michael Keaton played Batman, but many superhero fans have wanted to see the actor reprise the role of Gotham's nocturnal crimefighter in that time. For a while, it didn't seem likely as he famously turned down millions to appear in "Batman Forever." However, it's long been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and spending years away from the Batsuit has seemingly made Keaton excited to return to the dangerous streets of Gotham City.

Months ago, it was confirmed that Keaton's Batman will appear in the DCEU courtesy of "The Flash" and "Batgirl." That said, with the latter movie getting canceled and "The Flash" being enshrouded in controversy due to Ezra Miller's personal troubles, seeing Keaton don the cape once again doesn't seem like a guaranteed certainty at the moment. 

That said, Keaton was present at this year's Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony, and he took some time to answer questions about his future as Batman.

Michael Keaton on his future as Batman

Michael Keaton is just as confused about the future of his Batman as the rest of us. While speaking to TV Line, he revealed that he assumed "Batgirl" was canceled as part of a "business decision," suggesting that he hasn't received any clarification from the studio as to when fans will get to see him in that movie. Furthermore, he said that it was probably a "good" decision for Warner Bros. Discovery in regard to cutting costs.

Sadly, the aftermath of the film's cancelation has left the actor in the dark about the DECEU's future plans for his character. On top of that, he doesn't seem to be paying close attention to the situation. "I really don't know," Keaton told TV Line in regard to his Batman future. "I don't follow [the developments] that much."

In the meantime, "The Flash" is currently slated to be released next summer, assuming that there aren't any more bumps in the road between now and June 2023. Whether he plays Batman again afterward remains to be seen.