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Julia Garner Reveals How Playing Ruth On Ozark Changed Her Life

With myriad streaming services at everyone's disposal, it may not be easy to catch all the nominations for the Emmys. 2022 was an impressive year with series such as "Severance," "Squid Game," and "Abbott Elementary." But if there is someone who has made a name for herself this awards season, it is Julia Garner. The young actor was up not just for one category this awards season, but two. Her role as titular con artist Anna Sorokin (aka Anna Delvey) in "Inventing Anna" showcases the inner workings of a dark mind, and she admitted it was the most difficult role she ever had to play.

But viewers would be remiss not to give credit where credit is due. Garner's win for outstanding supporting actress in a drama series was for her role as Ruth Langmore in "Ozark." Just concluding its final season, viewers bid goodbye to the crime drama and the complex character that the actor portrayed. And while Ruth may be gone from our lives now, the Emmy winner will never forget how her breakout role changed her life.

Ruth changed Julia Garner's life in every way

Julia Garner's ability to grapple with complex female characters has made her a star to look for. Even before she took on the role of Anna Sorokin/Delvey in the Shonda Rhimes limited series "Inventing Anna," her Ruth Langmore character on "Ozark" gave her a lot to work with. First starting out as a small-time criminal, Ruth rises through the ranks of money laundering to become an impressive figure in her own right. This is an experience that Garner will never forget, as she told Variety after her win.

"I think what Ruth gave me was ... in a deeper way was a sense of confidence and I just learned so much from her," Garner confessed. Ruth was quite a divisive character according to fans, but the actor who portrays her does not view her that way. Garner views her as an authentic person and truly appreciated the experience of playing her.  "Not only did she change my career but she changed me as a person and I'm so grateful for her every single day," Garner added.

In the past, Garner has also gone into detail about how close she feels to Ruth. After filming the final season, the "Ozark" star gave Time all the details about the painful process of separating from the character. Whether fans loved her or not, Garner's emotional portrayal of the character made Ruth nuanced and full of depth.