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Are The Cast Members From Community Friends In Real Life?

When it comes to shows that keep defying the odds, few modern examples are as prevalent as "Community." Though the series was nearly always on the cusp of being canceled over the course of its six seasons (via The Guardian), the little comedy that could always was able to miraculously survive its time on the chopping block in one form or another.

Created by Dan Harmon, "Community" is loosely based on his own experiences at college and follows a study group formed of a very diverse and complex group of students at a community college. Though the group often butt heads over big and little issues, they are generally able to come to an understanding, even if it takes some over-the-top hijinks to get them there.

One of the many recurring jokes in "Community" centers around pop-culture-obsessed Abed (Danny Pudi), who regularly says that the ideal projection for a series should be six seasons and a movie. With the six seasons in the can and a film still on the horizon, are the actors behind the characters of the NBC comedy as close as their fictional counterparts?

Most Community cast members still talk regularly

According to Alison Brie, who played Annie across all six seasons of "Community," the actors of the comedy series still talk regularly. "The text chain is going off constantly," Brie said in an interview with Yahoo! "We've already texted seven times today," she added. "Danny [Pudi] and Ken [Jeong] saw each other at an event last night, so they sent photos. We text each other constantly. It's very cute. I love those guys."

Pudi and Jeong also remained on "Community" for all six seasons of its run, even as actors like Chevy Chase and Donald Glover departed from the series. Since the cast grew to include characters played by Jonathan Banks, Keith David, and Paget Brewster, it's a bit tough to predict who might possibly come back for the long-rumored movie.

Chase, in particular, conflicted with "Community" creator Dan Harmon and seems unlikely to return as a result. Similarly, Glover left the series under somewhat auspicious circumstances and may not be keen to rekindle his role as dopey jock Troy Barnes in a movie. Either way, it's nice to know that some cast members are still talking regularly to this day.