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Pixar's Win Or Lose Series Just Added An SNL Legend To Its Cast

Disney's Pixar has already wowed movie audiences for years with unique perspectives on the ocean floor ("Finding Nemo"), what your toys are doing when no one is looking (the "Toy Story" films), and the afterlife ("Coco"). Now they're about to tackle ... the world of softball?

Pixar's upcoming television series, "Win or Lose," will look at little league softball games, as seen through an underdog team, the Pickles (via IGN). The show also focuses on a different character every episode in the week before the big championship game.

It may be the first long-form animated series out of the studio, but co-creators Carrie Hobson and Michael Yates are experienced Disney and Pixar veterans. Both Hobson and Yates worked on projects such as the recent blockbuster "Lightyear" (via IMDb) and the short film "Canvas" respectively (via IMDb). "Win or Lose" won't debut until 2023, but the show has a winning chance at success with Pete Docter behind the project (per ComicBook.com) and this comedy legend joining the voiceover cast.

Will Forte will voice Coach Dan on Win or Lose

Good news for "Saturday Night Live" and "MacGruber" fans alike! According to IGN, "SNL" veteran Will Forte will be voicing Pickles team softball guru Coach Dan on "Win or Lose."

While Forte is mostly famous for his live-action film and television characters, he's been taking on voiceover work since the cult animated sitcom "Clone High." His other voice roles include "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs," Abraham Lincoln in the "Lego Movie" series, and "Gravity Falls," among others.

While Forte is known too for his often maniacal characters, he can also give the kind of sincere, sweet performance that is perfect for Pixar. Pete Docter commented that "Win or Lose" is "not so much about softball as it is a comedy about love, rivalry, and the challenges we all face in our struggles to win at life" (via ComicBook.com). That sounds perfect for an actor who can go as high and low in energy as Forte. We'll see how his voice fits the animated character of Coach Dan when "Win or Lose" premieres in 2023.