Zoë Z. Dean

Indiana University
Movies, TV, Books
  • Zoë Z. Dean is an award-winning crime fiction author.
  • She's also a regular essay contributor at The Solute: A Film Site by Lovers of Film.
  • She has wide-ranging tastes and loves crime stories, science fiction, fantasy, horror, comedy--and the list goes on.


In addition to working for Looper, Zoë also writes mysteries. Her short stories have won the Robert L. Fish Award and the Thriller Award for Best Short Story. She has wide-ranging tastes in pop culture, especially where books, movies, and TV are concerned. She's a staff writer at The Solute: A Film Site by Lovers of Film, where she contributes regular essays on noir, under-seen movies, and more.


Her B.A. in English and Master's in Library Science have given her a firm foundation for appreciating both culture and the tricky process of organizing it. Her reader's advisory training gives her a particular gift for "if you like"-style recommendation lists.
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