Neeraj Chand

New Delhi, India
Movies, Comics, TV, Video Games
  • Neeraj is an enthusiastic follower of global pop culture trends, especially relating to film and television.
  • He spends hours every day looking up behind-the-scenes trivia, making-of factoids, and thorough background information about the latest movie/show he binge watches.
  • He can tell you just as much about obscure references to Lovecraftian horrors in The Lord of the Rings series as the unexpected Disney kids show that Rick and Morty shares canon with.


Neeraj has been working as a content writer for the past five years. During this time he has worked with a number of clients, both individuals, and companies. He is also an indie filmmaker and novelist, with a keen interest in the business and logistics of the entertainment industry.


Neeraj has a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.
Stories By Neeraj Chand