Madeleine Chan

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Vancouver, Canada
Simon Fraser University
Comics, TV, Movies
  • Madeleine is a freelance writer with varied expertise in writing on media and identity.
  • They have written for publications such as AIPT Comics, two-time Eisner winner Women Write About Comics, and Overachiever Magazine.
  • Her notable works include "Pride Month in comics should transcend rainbow-washing" from AIPT and "Shang-Chi Isn't Watershed Representation, It's a Stepping Stone" from WWAC.


Madeleine Chan is an emerging writer with a focus on media and identity. Starting out at their university's student paper the Peak, they wrote extensively on media, culture, and identity as a Staff Writer and Opinions Editor. Breaking into the world of comics, TV, and movies, Madeleine has written numerous critical essays, features, and reviews for publications such as AIPT Comics, Women Writer About Comics, and Overachiever Magazine. Through her writing she hopes to promote dialogue, inclusion, and understanding.


Madeleine has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies from Simon Fraser University. They use their knowledge of media, politics, and identity to look at pop culture through a critical lens for in-depth coverage to promote dialogue, inclusion, and understanding.
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