Jon Fuge

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London, England
Kingston University
Movies, TV, Comics
  • Jon Fuge has written, and is currently writing, for a variety of different websites covering movies, television, comics, and everything in between.
  • He was born with a passion and borderline obsession about these topics, particularly movies and comics.
  • As a result, Jon now has an encyclopedic knowledge of this arena and is consistently on top of the latest news and trends.


Jon Fuge has been honing his craft for a number of years, writing for a variety of different websites across the world wide web, each of which focuses on the realm of cinema, TV, and comic books. These include the likes of Cineworld, MovieWeb, TVweb, and more. A passion for movies and comics gradually led to an interest in keeping up with the news, and now Jon is acutely aware of every new movie, sequel, prequel, and adaptation in the works. Whether giving people the 4-1-1 or broadcasting his opinion to unsuspecting readers, Jon is ecstatic to be endlessly discussing the things he loves.


Jon has a Bachelor of Arts degree in film studies from Kingston University.
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