Jack Hawkins

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United Kingdom
Dark History, Crime, Geopolitics
  • A keen traveler, Jack writes on the road and has visited many of the places he’s written about, from Auschwitz and the Baltic to Dresden and downtown Dallas.
  • During his master’s degree, Jack combed through archives for material on WWII, the Vietnam War, and especially the Suez crisis, which was the subject of his dissertation.
  • Before writing a feature on Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack visited the actor's family home in Austria and flexed for a photo taken by Peter Urdl, Arnold's childhood friend.


After working as a critic, a corporate writer, and a sub-editor, Jack joined Grunge in 2021. Jack’s features consider crime and punishment, military history, geopolitics, political biography, and much more. Outside of Grunge, Jack is active at Rotten Tomatoes, Slash Film, and HeyUGuys, amongst others.


Jack has a bachelor's degree in English and a master's degree in military history.
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