Emma Matthews

London, UK
Bournemouth University
Movies, TV, True Crime
  • Emma is funny, smart, and obviously a nerd.
  • Emma can name all the famous vampire counsellors from What We Do In The Shadows. She also knows how many movies Corey Hain wore a dress in.
  • From editorial assistant to writer and editor, Emma's had every job in the business.


Emma's first-ever job was remotely covering the Oscars. She's worked for Film Stories, Den of Geek, and Lifetime and Crime & Investigation. She was editor of the Stargate magazine, deputy editor of CSI and 24 magazines and assistant editor of Supernatural magazine. Simply put, she's a nerd.


Emma was yearbook editor at high school. College of magazine editor and journalist of the year. While academically she went the traditional route, her real education happened during internships: a national magazine, a national newspaper and two national broadcasters.
Stories By Emma Matthews