Anoushka Rego

Mumbai, India
University Of Mumbai
Movies, Television, Screenwriting
  • Anoushka's articles on film, television, and more have appeared in publications like The Cinemaholic, including everything from in-depth explainers to film reviews.
  • Anoushka has hands-on experience in the film industry, which includes having worked in the writers' room of Jungle Book Entertainment, a TIFF award-winning production house.
  • Anoushka's work in film production has afforded her behind-the-scenes insights into the making of shows like the Netflix original docuseries Indian Matchmaking.


Anoushka's passion for film and television has led her to dabble in the writers' room of a TIFF award-winning production house, work behind the scenes of a Netflix series, pen articles for publications like The Cinemaholic, and now, write for Looper.


Anoushka's academic background in political science and economics gives her a unique lens with which to analyze the cultural context behind your favorite films and shows.
Stories By Anoushka Rego