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Blonde Reviewers Are All Saying The Same Thing About Ana De Armas' NC-17 Portrayal Of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was an icon for the ages. The actor rocketed to superstardom thanks to films like "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and "Some Like it Hot." However, Monroe, whose real name was Norma Jean Mortenson, had a troubled private life. She was married and divorced three times, including to fellow celebrities Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller, and her life ultimately culminated in a tragedy that is still the subject of speculation and rumor to this day (via Britannica).

Filmmaker Andrew Dominik is bringing the timeless story of the fallen star to life with Netflix's "Blonde." Based on the novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates, the adaptation is a fictionalized look at Monroe's life, similar to the reimagined Princess Diana of the recent biopic "Spencer." Though the movie doesn't arrive on Netflix until September 28th, critics have already seen "Blonde," and many of them have come to the same conclusion regarding Ana de Armas' portrayal of the Hollywood icon.

Ana de Armas is bold and nuanced as Marilyn Monroe

Critics who have seen "Blonde" are mostly praising the film and have particular reverence for Ana de Armas' take on one of the biggest stars of all time (via Rotten Tomatoes). "It's pretty much all pain, all the time," said Vanity Fair critic Richard Lawson. "But in rendering that so potently, de Armas fulfills the mission of Dominik's film, crafting a vivid and frightening picture of the madness of fame."

That's some high praise, to be sure, and the acclaim for de Armas didn't stop there. Owen Gleiberman of Variety also positively basked in the performance, calling it: "breathtaking shimmer and imagination and candor and heartbreak. It's a luscious piece of acting with a raw scream tucked inside." Though playing such an icon is a tall order, to begin with, it sounds like de Armas has nailed the nuance and heartbreak at the center of Marilyn Monroe's tragically short life. Furthermore, critics also seem to have incredibly strong things to say about Andrew Dominik's direction as well.

"Switching between deep black-and-white and popping Technicolor, Dominik's style is both visually playful and emotionally dour," said Ben Croll of The Wrap. "Uncomfortable viewing, then, but also engaging, unbridled cinema that will prompt discourse and divide opinions," was the conclusion from Total Film's Jane Crowther. Writing of the film's star, Crowther also had plenty of praise: "But like Austin Butler's Elvis ... de Armas is not merely copying and nailing a cadence or body language. She brings real soul and pain to her portrayal."

It sounds like there will be plenty to see when "Blonde" drops on Netflix on September 28th.