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Hollywood Is Fighting Over The Rights To One Of The Best Fantasy Movie Franchises Of The '80s

Nothing simultaneously gifted an entire generation with wonderful stories and several lifetimes' worth of heartbreak the way '80s films did. The 1980s was a decade filled to the brim with films that walk the line between slightly frightening and instant lifelong favorites like 1982's "The Dark Crystal," 1986's "Labyrinth," and 1984's "The NeverEnding Story."

These films all tell very different tales but keep to the fantasy theme as audiences watch protagonists embark on epic adventures, usually to save the world — or at least something along those lines. In a time when the forgotten fantasy films of the '80s seem to be the next in line for the uptick in modern adaptations, the question of which franchise will be next on the remake list is always lingering.

In 2019, "The Dark Crystal" was revisited by Netflix when the streaming platform released "The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance," and it seems there are other possibilities for fantasy reworks opening up. Which classic movie franchise production companies obtain the rights to means a lot not only to streaming services but to the fans as well. In the right hands, a remake could be done that can be enjoyed just as much as the original. Or at least almost as much. The next franchise on the watch list for an upcoming remake may bring some mixed opinions.

The NeverEnding Story is living up to its name

An article published by Deadline brings attention to the rise in interest in the 1984 film "The NeverEnding Story," directed by Wolfgang Petersen. Both streaming platforms and movie companies alike are reportedly in the race to recreate "The NeverEnding Story." According to the same article, there was a point when it seemed Warner Bros. was working alongside Kennedy/Marshall Company and Appian Way to recreate the movie; of course, that didn't come to be.

The estate has shown an interest in doing business with an interested party which may open the doors completely to the possibility of a reimagining of this children's classic. However, nothing is set in stone yet. In an interview with Spotlight Report, Tami Stronach, who played The Childlike Empress in "The NeverEnding Story," proved that fans of the film aren't the only ones who might be anticipating a remake. When discussing her favorite scene in the movie, she said, "I like the scene with the rock biter when he says they look like big strong hands. I also have a fantasy that if they ever make [a "NeverEnding Story"] remake, I could play Engywook's wife, Urgl. They are adorable."

A new take on the classic tale has a wide range of opportunities as it could cover the same story as the 1984 film or focus on the 1979 book instead, bringing to life pieces of the plot not yet seen. Nevertheless, between characters like Falkor the Luck Dragon and racing snails, whoever takes on the challenge of recreating "The NeverEnding Story" has their work and imagination cut out for them.