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Pet Sematary Remake Gets Release Date

We finally know when we'll return to Pet Sematary. 

As reported by Variety, Paramount Pictures has stamped the Pet Sematary remake with an April 19, 2019 release date. 

Directed by Starry Eyes helmers Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer, Pet Sematary will chronicle the terrifying story of Louis Creed first told in author Stephen King's 1983 novel, and will center around Creed's efforts to resurrect his dead son Gage. The film serves as a remake of the 1989 Mary Lambert-directed movie of the same name. Kolsch and Widmyer's adaptation features a script written by Jeff Buhler. Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Mark Vahradian, and Steven Schneider are attached to produce, with Alexandra Loewy executive producing. 

Everyone's eyes have been on possible projects that adapt Stephen King novels ever since director Andy Muschietti found enormous success in his take on It, based on King's classic horror story. Ironically enough, Muschietti previously expressed a strong desire to turn King's Pet Sematary into a modern movie, telling Entertainment Weekly, "My affection for Pet Sematary will go on until I die. I will always dream about the possibility of making a movie." 

The director's sister and producer of It Barbara Muschietti agreed, stating that if she and her brother were the ones to remake Pet Sematary, they'd "do it right." She added, "The versions we read in the past years, the scripts we've read, have not been, in our opinion, representative of the book." Guillermo del Toro tossed his hat in the ring back in 2015, tweeting that he would "kill" to direct an updated iteration of Pet Sematary. "We'll see who gets to it first," Barbara said. "But it is the first Stephen book that we read, and it's something that has been a great love, because it is possibly King's most personal book. You can imagine his young family. What will you do to be able to keep your family? How far would you go?"

Sadly, we know that the Muschiettis and del Toro lost out to Kolsch and Widmyer, but something tells us the directing duo will do the source material justice.