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Ice Road Truckers Star Lisa Kelly's Favorite Thing About Truck Driving Is Quite Relatable

There's no question that the truck drivers from History's "Ice Road Truckers" have one of the most unique and dangerous jobs on the entire planet. In order to deliver crucial materials to remote locations in the Arctic north, these brave drivers must cross vast expanses of sheer ice. At any given moment, these trucks are at risk of cracking straight through these perilous ice roads and pulling the drivers down to their deaths — meaning that they cannot slow down at any time during their journey.

In addition, these drivers also have to contend with the chaotic weather conditions of the area: battling freezing temperatures, sudden storms, and gale-force winds as they push forward across the ice. Considering the dangerous and chaotic world these truckers inhabit on a daily basis, one might assume that these truckers might not have too much in common with the majority of their viewers. That said, "Ice Road Truckers" cast member Lisa Kelly's favorite part of her job is something that everybody ought to be able to relate to — even if her work is unlike anything else in the world.

Lisa Kelly's favorite part of being a truck driver is working in her pajamas

During a 2010 interview with David Letterman, Lisa Kelly (who became an essential member of the "Ice Road Truckers" cast after first joining during Season 3) was asked what she loves the most about her harrowing profession as a truck driver — and gave a surprisingly relatable answer. "I get to go to work in my pajamas," Kelly explained, drawing a gale of laughter from the crowd. "Wouldn't that be great?"

No doubt, plenty out there wish they could go to work in the comfort of their pajamas, though perhaps that privilege alone isn't enough to convince someone to become an ice road trucker. Certainly, when the job in question is so absurdly dangerous, it makes sense that the drivers would want to be comfortable while stuck in the cab for hours upon end. As relatable as Kelly's comments were back in 2010, they have no doubt only grown more relevant as working from home has become more commonplace — especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic (which, incidentally, Kelly herself blames for delaying the return of "Ice Road Truckers")

In any case, Kelly's love for working in her pajamas is extremely relatable, despite the fact that most people could hardly imagine what life must be like as an ice road trucker.