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Supernatural Fans Uncover An Easily Missed Easter Egg In The Last Of Us Part II

Anyone who follows the "Supernatural" franchise even moderately should be well aware that the series has a massive, dedicated fanbase (via Prime Timer). In fact, the hardcore nature that fans of The CW show often showcase was enough to keep the series on the air for an astounding 15 years, an impressive landmark that few serialized shows are able to match.

Meanwhile, "The Last of Us" is one of Naughty Dog and Sony's most popular series as well. While the first video game was successful enough to garner both a remaster and a remake, "The Last of Us Part II" managed to win hundreds of Game of the Year awards across the industry, breaking records in the process (via Gamerant). However, even eagle-eyed completionists of the critically acclaimed sequel may not have realized that "The Last of Us Part II" contains a well-hidden Easter egg that seems to be a pretty clear reference to a couple of prominent "Supernatural" actors.

A letter in the game seems to reference Supernatural actors

On the Gotian's Games YouTube page, the gamer and content creator uploaded a video from "The Last of Us Part II" that sees Ellie (Ashley Johnson) exploring the Seattle Convention Center. However, it's what Ellie finds on the body of one of the many hapless victims of the apocalypse that has raised some eyebrows across the "Supernatural" fandom. The letter states that the writer was on his way to relieve someone named Misha of their duties and is signed by a person called Jensen. Since Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins were major stars of "Supernatural" over its 15-year run, it seems like it would be too much of a coincidence if this wasn't a deliberate reference to the long-running CW series.

When you consider that the bumbling odd couple of Dean and Castiel, who the actors portrayed on the show, were a fan-favorite duo, it becomes even more likely that the letter was made specifically with "Supernatural" fans in mind. While some speculated that the inclusion means that the real-life actors may have perished at a fan convention in this world (via Games Radar), the specifics of the letter cast doubt on that theory.

Details in the letter, for instance, include the SCARS, a survivor group that only emerged many years after the apocalyptic events from the opening of "The Last of Us." Either way, it's probably cooler still to imagine the actors battling monsters in their real lives, even if at least one of them wasn't lucky enough to survive to old age.