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Kamala Khan's Best Ms. Marvel Episodes Ranked By Most Powerful

High-schooler Kamala Khan is a superfan of the Avengers, especially Captain Marvel. Within Kamala's fictional version of Jersey City, the Avengers aren't just superheroes, they're celebrities, and she experiences the shock of a lifetime as she finds herself becoming one of them.

The six-part limited series "Ms. Marvel" on Disney+ traces Kamala's origin story as a superhero. Her moniker comes from her family, with her father sharing with her that in Urdu, "kamal" means "wonder" or "marvel," and that to him and her mother, she's always been worthy of that word. She has always been their "Ms. Marvel."

As Kamala comes into her own, she continues to discover more about her family heritage and her newfound powers, with the series' six episodes showcasing these capabilities to varying degrees. One thing's for sure — as Kamala continues her journey in the MCU, she will only get more powerful. Ms. Marvel will change the game for the Avengers when the time comes for her to team up with her fellow heroes. Until then, here are all six episodes of "Ms. Marvel" ranked by the titular's character's use of her powers.

6. Generation Why (Episode 1)

In the debut episode of "Ms. Marvel," entitled "Generation Why," Kamala gets more than she bargained for when she decides to use her grandmother's bangle as an accessory for her Captain Marvel AvengerCon costume. Shortly after putting the bangle on her arm, beams of light radiate from Kamala's hand and form purple, crystal-like shapes across the convention floor. The crowd cheers in amazement, thinking it's a special effect built into her costume, but Kamala is confused. She assumes that the power must have come from the bangle, but how and why?

Things soon take a turn when an involuntary burst of energy from Kamala sends a giant replica of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, swinging across the show floor. The hammer knocks into Kamala's classmate, Zoe, who Kamala then saves by extending her arm to catch Zoe as she falls. Light? Crystals? Extendable limbs? It's all completely new territory for Kamala. While she does save Zoe's life, she's also the reason Zoe was in danger in the first place. The first episode in the series ranks lowest in our list almost by default: Kamala's powers are still completely unknown and they're all over the place at this point.

5. Crushed (Episode 2)

Kamala is curious about her grandmother's bangle and why it granted her superpowers, and in the series' second episode, "Crushed," Kamala's genius best friend Bruno runs tests on both the bangle and Kamala to learn more. His studies yield a fascinating discovery. "So it looks like your power isn't coming from the bangle," Bruno shares with Kamala. "It's coming from within you, like the bangle unlocked the superhuman part of you."

At this point in the story, Kamala still has a lot of unanswered questions about her powers, but every day she's learning more about what she's capable of. She discovers she doesn't have superstrength, nor can she talk to ants, but one of her more unique abilities is what she calls "hard light" — the light that pulsates from her hands to form hardened, crystal-like surfaces in mid-air. Kamala practices gaining control over this, and ultimately masters leveraging the hard light so she can move from building to building, somewhat similar to Spider-Man's web-slinging.

Kamala's practice pays off when she saves a young boy who nearly falls out of a window of a tall building. Using hard light, Kamala comes to his rescue and gets him to safety. The episode shows Kamala's earnestness in wanting to use her powers with greater finesse for the good of others. There's some occasional clumsiness as she learns the ins and outs, but she proves herself a worthy superhero-in-training all the same.

4. Destined (Episode 3)

In "Destined," the third episode of "Ms. Marvel," Kamala uses her powers for something completely new — combat. A woman named Najma tells Kamala that she and her group of accomplices, the Clandestines, are from another dimension and have been trying to get home since the 1940s. When Kamala started wearing the bangle, the Clandestines sensed its power, and they believe, with her help, they might finally be able to go back to their dimension. However, opening a portal to another dimension is a big leap from simply using the bangle to produce small beams of light as Kamala has been doing, and she's hesitant to help Najma if it means the possibility of putting others in danger if her powers go sideways in the process.

Not content with this answer, Najma attempts an attack on Kamala's brother's wedding. As the wedding guests flee outside to safety, Kamala has her first hero/villain battle, putting her powers to the test. The Clandestines are fierce, but Kamala holds her own in a way that proves she'll only grow more powerful with more experience. Najma eventually reaches Kamala, and when she makes contact with the bangle, it emits a vision of an oncoming train. The visual is fleeting and quickly disappears as Kamala escapes the Clandestines' pursuit. The events of the episode open the floodgates for Kamala's powers to be used in a more varied way than in previous episodes, teasing further exploration to leverage them even more.

3. No Normal (Episode 6)

The "Ms. Marvel" finale, "No Normal," sees Kamala mastering her light powers to save her friends from an ugly showdown with the Department of Damage Control (DODC). Kamala's crush, Kamran, has similar powers to her — and also happens to be the son of Najma, Kamala's Clandestine adversary. In the eyes of the DODC, Kamala and Kamran are both a threat to society and must be eliminated. DODC representatives go as far as to open fire on Kamala and Kamran, despite them both being minors.

Kamran, grieving the recent loss of his mother, is filled with rage and retaliates upon the DODC in return. Kamala finds herself in the crosshairs trying to make peace — she's trying to save Kamran from himself, protect onlooking citizens from the DODC, and stay alive. She achieves the impossible and manages to do all three, shielding herself and Kamran from gunfire and preventing the DODC from continuing their efforts to, you know, kill a couple of kids.

2. Seeing Red (Episode 4)

When Kamala visits family in Pakistan during the series' fourth episode, "Seeing Red," the Clandestines attack her yet again. They seek her bangle and its cross-dimensional power to take them home, even if it means endangering others. Having already used her powers in self-defense, this time Kamala is able to fight with a sleekness that was absent during the wedding fight in the prior episode. In a particularly cool move during a street chase, she creates a ramp of light and sends a truck flying through the air.

The Clandestines eventually catch up to her, and when Najma's spear makes contact with Kamala's bangle, something incredible happens — Kamala gets transported to India in 1947 at the time of partition. She's not sure what just happened (our hero totally just time-traveled), and the episode ends with Kamala's confusion taking in the scene around her.

While it could be argued that Kamala shows more physical strength in the series finale rather than here in Episode 4, "Seeing Red" has the upper hand for sheer flex of Kamala being able to casually leap through time. That's something even Tony Stark had a hard time figuring out, and Kamala is so powerful that she does it in a second, even if she doesn't yet fully understand what it means.

1. Time and Again (Episode 5)

"Time and Again," the penultimate episode of "Ms. Marvel" Season 1, is the ultimate showcase of Kamala Khan's powers. Upon finding herself in 1947 India (the depiction of which impressed fans), Kamala discovers that her presence in this moment has been key to her family's story for decades. At a busy train station, Sana, Kamala's grandmother (though at this point in time a toddler), gets separated from her father, aka Kamala's great-grandfather. Using her light powers to comfort the anxious Sana — and, in the process, showing Sana how to use some powers of her own, no big deal — Kamala helps Sana reunite with her dad and board the departing train in time, subsequently ensuring that Kamala's family's lineage lived on the way it did.

Returning to the present in Pakistan, Kamala finds that she subconsciously opened a portal to the Noor dimension, the Clandestines' home. When, as Kamala predicted, the portal becomes unstable, Najma realizes the only way to close it will kill her, which she does with the hope of giving her son, Kamran, powers.

This episode effectively shows the full gambit of Kamala's power. Even though Kamala isn't necessarily in control of some of these capabilities, the fact that the abilities themselves are within her — traveling through time and opening portals to other dimensions — is huge. Not only that, but she changes the destiny of her family by aiding her grandmother in a moment of crisis, demonstrating that the power of her character is even greater than her superpowers.