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Writer Peter Straub's Only Acting Credits Are Thanks To One Life To Live

The literary world experienced a tragic loss after learning of the death of horror and supernatural novelist Peter Straub. According to The New York Times, the writer died Sunday, September 4, 2022, from complications of a broken hip. Straub's extraordinary work in novels and poetry spans over 40 years. The author often proved his adept skill in capturing the audience's imagination with his supernatural tales in "Ghost Story," "The Hellfire Club," and "Julia." On Twitter, famous wordsmiths such as Neil Gaiman and Stephen King warmly reflected on their time and opportunity to know Straub.

In addition, King's tweet about Straub also briefly highlighted whenever the writers famously collaborated. The two produced the fantasy horror novel "The Talisman," and in 2001, its follow-up, "Black House." Those who watched "Stranger Things" recently may have spotted Straub and King's collaborative novel appearing in the latest season as an Easter egg. Straub is known and celebrated for his storytelling ability. However, soap opera fans may also fondly remember him for his brief stint in acting. In the early 2000s, Straub got his only acting credits because of a few appearances on the popular soap "One Life To Live."

Straub played a detective father figure on One Life to Live

Soap operas are known for their twisted plotlines and intriguing characters that keep fans coming back for each episode weekly. Yet occasionally, these melodramatic daytime shows also pleasantly delight and surprise with celebrity guest star appearances. The world of soaps has hosted everyone from rapper Snoop Dogg to the late Betty White. Still, few could have predicted in 2006 that "One Life To Live" would have a famous horror novelist on its list of shocking celebrity guest stars. Straub made a few guest appearances on "One Life to Live" as Peter Braust (via IMDb).

Yes, Braust is clearly an anagram of the author's last name, but don't be fooled. The role isn't of another writer. Instead, Peter Braust is a retired detective who was also the former partner of Thomas McBain, the late father of "One Life to Live" character John McBain (Michael Easton). Braust appears on the show in 2006, 2008, and 2009 often trying to help John, as noted by Soaps In Depth. It's also fitting that Straub's character is particularly close to John, as Straub and Easton worked together on another project. The two co-authored the horror-graphic novel "The Green Woman" from DC Comics.

According to Observer, producers of "One Life to Live" reached out to Straub for an appearance on the show after learning he was a big fan. The Observer article added that Straub's journey into daytime soap-watching began because the author took notes for his young daughter while she was away at summer camp. However, it wasn't long before the author was watching for his own enjoyment and chatting about them with his jazz musician buddies. Straub said to the Observer, "Roy Eldridge and a disciple of his named Spanky Davis were devoted to 'All My Children.' I used to meet Spanky Davis, and we'd have long talks about Susan Lucci."