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Director Dan Trachtenberg Has Made Some Intriguing Comments About A Possible Prey Sequel

Since it began in 1987 with director John McTiernan's iconic film "Predator," the "Predator" franchise has gone through its share of ups and downs. Between its mixed bag of direct sequels and the two questionable crossovers with the "Alien" franchise, quality is always in question when a new addition to the series comes to light. "Prey" from director Dan Trachtenberg was no exception when it hit the Hulu streaming service on August 5, 2022. Thankfully for fans and all involved, the record-breaking film has proven itself nothing short of a critical success.

Set in the early 1700s in the Great Plains of North America, "Prey" follows a Comanche woman named Naru (Amber Midthunder) as she hunts a mysterious entity that's terrorizing her people. Come to found out, that threat is a Predator, which has taken to hunting various animals that call Earth home, including humans. General audiences and critics alike absolutely adored what the movie has to offer, from the character development to the visuals. Not to mention, it boasts plenty of action, tension, and drama to keep viewers glued to their screens.

Naturally, following the release of "Prey," many fans have wondered if a sequel is in the cards. On that front, Dan Trachtenberg had some intriguing comments to share.

Trachtenberg sees potential in a Prey sequel that fans haven't suggested yet

One of the most fascinating elements of "Prey" is that it's not a direct sequel to any previous "Predator" movie. It's so far removed from them as a prequel that it feels like its own entity that brings the franchise back to basics to great effect. As a result, fans of the film have pitched ideas for standalone "Prey" sequels and prequels set in different historical contexts, such as feudal Japan or the Wild West. According to Dan Trachtenberg, he's heard some of these ideas as the internet has gone wild pitching them. However, in his eyes, the ideal "Prey" sequel is one that no one has conjured up yet.

"I think there's several really cool things to do next, and it would be interesting to embark on a few different things...And I think some of the more exciting ideas are ones that people aren't considering," Trachtenberg told BBC Radio 1's Screen Time podcast, confirming that if such a production comes to fruition, he'd like to be involved. Of course, now one has to hope that he's able to helm a potential sequel, if for no other reason than to find out which direction he thinks is best for the "Predator" franchise beyond "Prey." Even if it doesn't, fingers crossed he someday spills the beans on his desired continuation.

Time will tell what will become of the "Predator" saga going forward and where it might end up on the historical timeline, but one thing's certain: it has all the potential in the world.