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The Fascinating Way Keanu Reeves' Acting Career Led To A Motorcycle Obsession

Keanu Reeves is arguably one of the most interesting men in the world. The legendary actor is known for his insanely action-packed films like "The Matrix," "Point Break," and "John Wick," which featured Reeves doing his own stunts. He also really likes motorcycles. Like REALLY likes them. Because he keeps his private life so secretive, it's one of the few things fans know about the actor, and it's led to many "Ghost Rider" fan castings.

Some fans may be surprised to learn that Reeves' love for motorcycles runs so deep that he founded his own custom motorcycle shop. Reeves and Gard Hollinger co-founded Arch Motorcycle, a high-end custom American motorcycle manufacturer, in 2011. Arch is all about creating American motorcycles that rival international competitors, all while innovating designs to tailor to the driver (via Arch Motorcycle).

Reeves described what it's like riding motorcycles, saying, "It's a time to think, contemplate, quiet time. Every time you get on the bike you're going somewhere, even if it's the store. I guess it all comes down to pleasure. There's a pleasure, there's a physical pleasure, there's an emotional pleasure, there's sensorial experience" (via Vanity Fair). Although he's obsessed with riding, Reeves has only done so in the films "Chain Reaction," "My Own Private Idaho," and "John Wick: Chapter 3" (via GQ).

Reeves has his acting career to thank for his love for motorcycles, and it turns out that story is just as interesting as the man himself.

Keanu Reeves learned about motorcycles from a woman in Munich

Keanu Reeves revealed that growing up in the bustling city of Toronto sparked his interest in motorcycles, although it wasn't until his early twenties that he fell in love with them. Reeves was 22 years old and filming in Munich, Germany, when he met a young girl riding a Kawasaki Enduro motorcycle (via Red Bull). He asked the woman to teach him how to ride, and the rest is history. Once filming wrapped, after returning home to Los Angeles, Reeves bought himself a motorcycle and continued his new hobby (per South China Morning Post).

Reeves quickly became a motorcycle expert. By the time filming began on 1991's "My Own Private Idaho," he was impressively familiar with the technology and recalled how he had to cut a prop guy short when he tried explaining how the motorcycle worked. "When I did a picture called 'My Own Private Idaho,' I asked director Gus Van Sant, 'So, what bike am I riding?'" Reeves told Red Bull, "And he pulled up a '71 Norton Commando that was canary yellow. The props guy said, 'Do you know how to...?' and I was like, 'I'm good, man. I got this. This is actually home.'"

Reeves' love for bikes has reached a point where he can't go long without getting on one. According to Red Bull, whenever he travels away from LA for a movie, he purchases a used motorcycle to take to and from the set. Once filming wraps, he usually sells the bike and repeats the process for the next movie.