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The Avengers Actress You Likely Forgot Shared An On-Screen Kiss With Bill Murray

Comedy icon Bill Murray is one of those actors that can seemingly do it all. Some of his best movie contributions range from "Ghostbusters" to "Groundhog Day" and will always be remembered for their stake in pop culture. But showing a penchant for the quirkier and dramatic is what makes the former "Saturday Night Live" cast member an actor never to be forgotten. Since his first Wes Anderson appearance so many years ago in "Rushmore," Murray has often been a familiar face in the director's prolific career (via IMDb).

"I always write with Bill in mind," Anderson confessed to Rolling Stone in a profile regarding their interesting relationship. Murray's sharp wit fits in well with Anderson's universe so much so that he became the central focus of "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou." And that isn't the only interesting connection outside of his comedic fare that has won Murray recognition. In a highly complimented film of the early 2000s, the actor also had a connection with a future "Avengers" star. 

Murray and Scarlett Johansson get close in Lost In Translation

Known for her moody and dream-like aesthetics, it is hard to believe that "Lost In Translation" was only Sofia Coppola's second feature film. Arguably one of her best films to date, it was the clear successor to her impressive debut "The Virgin Suicides." Coppola had many inspirations for "Lost in Translation" as it analyzes profound loneliness from the perspective of two wayward souls in Tokyo. Though divided by age, Bill Murray's actor Bob Harris and Scarlett Johansson's grad student Charlotte find common ground as they struggle with their place in life.

Both separated from their partners in contrasting ways, the two form a vacation friendship that teeters towards the edge of romance. They encounter lovers' spats as well as excruciating vulnerability in the short time that they spend together. But the final moments of the film are what truly set it apart from others of its kind. There is no way that Bob and Charlotte can exist outside of the space that they have constructed for themselves, and encounter an emotional goodbye on the streets of Tokyo. This is where they share their first and only kiss before potentially parting ways forever to return to their respective lives. "Lost In Translation" premiered before the height of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but showcases Johansson's emotional talent in the role. Only 17 at the time of filming, the kiss and subsequent discourse on the film provided a great addition to Johansson's filmography.

Lost In Translation continues to spark debate

The beginnings of "Lost In Translation" created a prime space for a film ready and willing to be analyzed. According to Little White Lies, Scarlett Johansson was an easy casting choice for Sofia Coppola to make, but Bill Murray was the actor she truly clamored for. She was so adamant that he had to be in the film that she pursued him for a year.

"People were trying to give me other options but I was set that I wasn't going to make the movie if he wasn't doing it and I really wanted to make this movie, so I had to find him," Coppola confessed. But the final moments of the film are perhaps what the world at large remembers the most. The tender goodbye between two almost lovers is a perfect ending to the film, all capped with an ambiguous conclusion. After the kiss between Bob and Charlotte, the former whispers something into her ear — a line of dialogue we may never know the truth of. Coppola stated that it was never meant to be a big mystery. The plan had been to add dialogue in post-production, but nothing ever came of it. For years, fans have questioned what exact words were shared between the two characters (via Vulture).

But if you ask the director herself, there may never be an answer. "I always like Bill's answer: that it's between lovers — so I'll leave it at that."