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The Funniest Scenes In AHS According To Fans

Long-time fans of "American Horror Story" know that they can count on the show not only to give them a solid scare but also to evoke a good chuckle when things start getting a bit too serious. Ryan Murphy's brainchild is often appreciated for the inclusion of timely comic relief in its gloomy and terrifying storylines: The anthology format of this long-running series allows for repeatedly using the same actors in a variety of different roles, enabling stars to showcase their wide range of talents — comedic abilities included. Evan Peters' appearances in "The Office" and "Kick-Ass," or Emma Roberts' role in the hilarious "We're the Millers," are just a few examples of the "American Horror Story" cast's ability to crack viewers up.

Of course, "American Horror Story" doesn't solely rely on its talented performers' skills to deliver its funny moments. The series is known for witty writing that treads the fine line between hilarity and cringe, leaving just enough room for the actors' interpretations to make the jokes stand out even more. If you're curious about which scenes the show's fandom considers to be the funniest, here are two moments that fans on the "AHS" subreddit just couldn't get enough of. 

Fiona Goode is terrified of knotty pine

Multi-layered, realistic characters in "American Horror Story" are arguably the strongest aspect across all of its seasons, and Fiona Goode from "AHS: Coven" is definitely one. Self-absorbed and hopelessly pursuing immortality, she is known to have a very luxurious taste, which lies at the root of the following scene's hilarity.

In the dying moments of the season finale, we discover that Fiona's afterlife consists of spending eternity in the Axeman's wooden house. As usual, Jessica Lange perfectly conveys Fiona's despair. However, it's not sharing a forever home with her killer that terrifies her: As she comes to terms with her new reality, she gazes at the walls in utter disbelief at the choice of wood, asking, "What is this?" with a note of desperation in her voice before realizing and yelling, "Knotty pine?!" at the top of her lungs.

Lange's masterful delivery highlights the ridiculousness of the situation. It's impossible not to chuckle at the former Supreme Witch wailing at the prospect of spending eternity inside knotty pine-covered walls. The scene has become somewhat iconic among "AHS" enthusiasts; surely, many fans share u/Willa-Rosewood's sentiment, who commented: "Every time I hear the phrase 'knotty pine,' I have to scream it back like Fiona. Makes me laugh every time!"

Not only fans but other cast members also loved this scene. Sarah Paulson claimed it was the "only appropriate response" to spending eternity staring at knotty pine (via Backstage). Interestingly, however, despite her icon status, Lange herself was not too fond of "AHS: Coven" or Fiona's character and, as she told Gold Derby, was "stunned to get the Emmy for that part." But with her impeccable delivery of lines ranging from chilling to ridiculous, fans likely weren't surprised.

James Patrick March struggles to understand Google

The 5th season of "American Horror Story" has no shortage of funny moments, including the unforgettable tribute video Iris (the hotel receptionist played by Kathy Bates) makes for herself — the most upvoted scene in one of the Reddit threads about funniest "AHS" moments. And although "AHS: Hotel" is considered to be one of the show's lowest points with an audience score of 59% on Rotten Tomatoes, it still managed to introduce a few iconic "American Horror Story" characters, such as James Patrick March, a serial killer and the titular hotel's designer.

Believably depicted by "AHS" favorite Evan Peters (who admitted to Deadline that March was his most enjoyable "AHS" role), this cold-blooded murderer who continues to haunt the hotel after his demise in the 1930s is shown to have some difficulties adjusting to the innovations of the present day. One of the best examples (top-voted in another Reddit thread) comes in the 3rd episode of "Hotel." As March reveals himself to Tristan Duffy in one of the rooms in Hotel Cortez, he asks the model how he came to know so much about him, to which Duffy quickly replies, "I Googled you." With a confused yet intrigued look, March responds to the novel terminology, "That sounds obscene!"

As u/amloyd accurately pointed out, the scene turned out as funny as it did mainly thanks to Evan Peters' acting abilities: "Evan's delivery is just spot on!" u/writergirljds followed that up by saying, "Between Mr. March and Quicksilver it's become clear that Evan has a very good sense of comic timing and delivery." It's hard to disagree with them, especially after seeing Peters in this legendary Quicksilver scene in "X-Men: Apocalypse" — timing, indeed.