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Looper's Exclusive Survey Reveals Fans' Pick For Daniel Radcliffe's Best Non-Harry Potter Movie

Although there's no question that Daniel Radcliffe will always be remembered for his iconic performance in the titular role of the "Harry Potter" film franchise, in more recent years, the actor has made a name for himself by acting in a plethora of unique and creative indie movies. These projects include "Horns," "Escape from Pretoria," "Guns Akimbo," and "Swiss Army Man" — the last of which being an absurdist black comedy from "Everything Everywhere All at Once" directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert.

Although it might seem surprising that Radcliffe (one of the most iconic actors of his generation) would devote his later career to smaller, more creative projects after working for so long in a franchise as monumental as "Harry Potter," the fact remains that Radcliffe has now starred in dozens of movies which are about as far from "Harry Potter" as one might imagine. Today, the actor has a prolific resume of performances across a wide variety of different genres, and to say that he is only known for his work in "Harry Potter" is simply not true anymore.

Indeed, an exclusive poll from Looper recently asked fans what their favorite non-"Harry Potter" Daniel Radcliffe film is — and the answers made it clear that fans are actually in love with one of Radcliffe's most recent projects.

Fans say The Lost City is Radcliffe's best non-Harry Potter movie

Of the over 600 respondents to the survey by Looper, a staggering 30.03% of those polled said that 2022's "The Lost City" is their favorite Daniel Radcliffe movie outside the "Harry Potter" franchise. "The Lost City" saw Radcliffe portraying an eccentric and charismatic billionaire named Abigail Fairfax, an admirer of the romance novel "The Lost City of D" by fictitious author Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock). Having discovered what he believes is the real-life "Lost City of D" on a remote island in the Atlantic, Fairfax abducts Sage and attempts to force her to help him find an ancient treasure known as the Crown of Fire.

The role is about as far from the humble, heroic Harry Potter as you could imagine. Radcliffe's portrayal of the sophisticated and egotistical villain makes him easy to hate and laugh at. Although this action-adventure comedy isn't exactly the type of movie you'd expect to see Daniel Radcliffe shine in (especially considering his recent work throughout the indie scene), it's clear that fans absolutely loved his performance in "The Lost City" — enough to vote it their favorite Radcliffe movie outside of "Harry Potter."

Indeed, the closest competitors within the poll were "The Woman in Black," which earned 20.78% of the vote, and "Swiss Army Man," with 14.12% of the vote, making "The Lost City" the clear and uncontested favorite. Even if you may not have expected Daniel Radcliffe to shine through his villainous performance in "The Lost City," it's clear that there are plenty of fans out there who absolutely loved seeing him play someone other than the hero.