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Bill Nye Saves The World Again In Season 2 Trailer

Bill Nye is back to save the world again in the trailer for the upcoming second season of his popular Netflix series. The trailer features even more famous faces joining the TV scientist as he delves into important issues like marijuana legalization, time travel, and the search for the cure for tuberculosis.

The season will feature Nye showcasing scientists that he has met through social media, using the hashtag #BillMeetsScienceTwitter. However, he'll also recruit some big stars to join the fun, including Drew Carey, Ali Wong, Karlie Kloss, Erica Rhodes, Byron Scott, Carlton Cuse, Chris Kattan, David Arquette, George Wendt, Zach Braff, and Garcelle Beauvais.

Season one, which premiered in April, paired Nye up with in-field correspondents including supermodel Kloss, YouTube scientist Derek Muller, Xploration Outer Space host Emily Calandrelli, and comedians Nazeem Hussain and Joanna Hausmann, with the group exploring issues like sex, global warming, GMOs, alternative medicine, and more. Special celebrity guests included Good Eats star Alton Brown, Project Runway host Tim Gunn, Scrubs stars Braff and Donald Faison, EDM artist Steve Aoki. 

The show received a positive reception from critics, earning a 78 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, although it was controversial with some on the Internet, a fact which the series used in its season two renewal announcement. "If Twitter is any indication, the world still needs saving," the announcement said.

The second season will debut on Netflix on December 29.