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Rutherford Falls Fans Just Got Unfortunate News

Like just about every other streaming service out there, Peacock has taken to adding original content to its platform alongside its massive library of preexisting movies and television shows. One such title the streamer has offered up is "Rutherford Falls," which came together courtesy of creators Ed Helms of the "Hangover" trilogy, the mind behind "The Good Place," Michael Schur, and Sierra Teller Ornelas. It focuses on Nathan Rutherford (Helms) and Reagan Wells (Jana Schmieding), whose lifelong friendship is put to the test when past conflicts between their ancestors come to the forefront. In no time at all, this premise garnered a decent following for the program.

The debut season of "Rutherford Falls" reached Peacock on April 22, 2021, bringing with it 10 episodes for subscribers to enjoy. Evidently, most liked what the sitcom had to offer, prompting the powers that be to renew it for a second season that July (via TVLine). Come June of 2022, the second season finally premiered, this time with eight total installments in tow. In the months that followed, fans eagerly awaited any official news regarding a potential third season, and at long last, an update has come to light. Sadly for them, however, it's not at all what they wanted to hear.

Things aren't looking good for "Rutherford Falls" Season 3. Here's why.

Rutherford Falls will not receive a third season on Peacock

According to a report by TVLine on September 2, 2022, getting your hopes up for a third season of "Rutherford Falls" isn't a wise move. Peacock has elected to cancel the program after merely two seasons on streaming. A reason for this decision has not reached the public, but one can only hope for those curious that a rationale will arrive at some point. In a statement from writer Sierra Teller Ornelas, she expressed how delighted she was to work on the show and keep audiences entertained. Most importantly, "it's been an honor to introduce the best of Indian Country to the masses," she adds (via Deadline).

This is clearly bad news for "Rutherford Falls" fans and all involved with the show — in front of and behind the camera — but there is a silver lining to this entire situation. "We love these characters, the world we created, and the impact it has had, and will be exploring other platforms where, hopefully, the folks of Rutherford Falls can call home," Ornelas revealed, providing folks with a glimmer of hope that maybe the series isn't dead and gone after all. Time will tell what will become of it, so we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that the team can find a new release avenue for it in the near future.

Seasons 1 and 2 of "Rutherford Falls" are currently streaming on Peacock.