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Every Couple On Lucifer, Ranked

"Lucifer" is a show about desire. It's also about destiny, fate, and becoming who you were really meant to be, but for now, we're just going to focus on the desire part. When the devil, aka Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), decides he's had enough of hell and moves to LA, things begin to change in the City of Angels. Lucifer has the unique ability to bring out people's desires, and he's certainly not shy about giving into his own desires. But when Lucifer's powers don't work on no-nonsense detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), he begins to reconsider his opinion of humanity.

Being that Lucifer has dominion over the realm of desire, it's no surprise that the characters on the series see their share of romantic entanglements. Whether it's Lucifer and Chloe's will-they-won't-they dynamic or one of the less significant dalliances on the show, there's plenty of variety in that department. Of course, not every relationship is meant to be, and some should have never happened at all, which is why we thought we'd sit down and take an objective look at the romances "Lucifer" has to offer. Give into your heart's desire and keep reading to find out our ranking of every couple on "Lucifer."

15. Ella and Pete

This one's a no-brainer. The worst couple on "Lucifer" is obviously the pairing of Ella (Aimee Garcia) and Pete (Alexander Koch). Pete seems like a great guy at first, and it looks like Ella might have finally found someone genuinely nice to fall for right up until the rug gets pulled out from under her. To her surprise, it turns out Pete is actually a serial killer known as the "Whisper Killer" who only gets close to Ella so he can keep an eye on her investigation.

Ella is one of the sweetest, most lovable characters on the show, so seeing her completely shattered after Pete's betrayal was devastating to watch. The worst thing Pete ever does — besides, y'know, all the murders — is destroy Ella's ability to trust anyone and making her close off her heart from love. That is truly unforgivable, and we know exactly where Pete's going to end up when he dies.

14. Chloe and Pierce

Chloe and Lucifer have a long road before they get to a place where they can happily be together, and that road is filled with plenty of stumbling blocks and wrong turns. One such wrong turn is Chloe's relationship with Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling). Pierce first arrives at the precinct as the new lieutenant with a mysterious past, but it turns out he's even more mysterious than anyone could have guessed. Pierce is actually Cain, aka humanity's first murderer. Cursed with immortality for killing his brother, Pierce comes to LA in an attempt to reverse his fate and finally die.

Like she always does, Chloe sees the good in Pierce and actually begins to develop feelings for him. Unfortunately for her, this is all part of Pierce's plan to become mortal. It seems like Pierce actually cares about Chloe for a time, but his love for her isn't enough to overpower his own selfish desires. While "Lucifer" generally takes the position that even the most damned of souls can change, Pierce is selfish to the end. Most fans seem to agree that Season 3 of "Lucifer" is the worst of the lot, and the general unpopularity of the Chloe-Pierce pairing is one of the major reasons why. 

13. Ella and Dan

Ella and Dan's (Kevin Alejandro) relationship is a forgettable blip in the "Lucifer" timeline. Technically, they are never actually in a relationship, but we're including them on this list for accuracy's sake. Ella and Dan stumble into a brief romance at a time when they're both hurting. Dan is still grieving Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) and blames himself for her death, while Ella is struggling with losing her faith and feeling like something is missing in her life.

They only kiss a couple of times, and it's clear it was never something that was meant to last. They're just two people having a tough time with their grief and pain and refusing to deal with it in a productive way. We're glad they quickly get that out of their systems, because Ella and Dan actually make a great team when they aren't engaging in unhealthy coping mechanisms.

12. Maze and Amenadiel

Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) are another couple that just isn't meant to be. Their relationship only begins because Maze seduces Amenadiel in order to get information out of him and eventually kill him on Lucifer's behalf. Maze doesn't actually kill Amenadiel, of course, but their relationship doesn't exactly end on a positive note, either.

Maze and Amenadiel start their relationship, if you can call it that, when they are both still hanging on to who they were in the celestial world. Amenadiel is dedicated to his duty as "God's favorite angel" while Maze still believes herself evil and incapable of love. They both grow out of these outdated ideas and find new meanings in life, and their brief coupling is an important step on that journey. It becomes obvious in the following seasons that they are much better suited as friends, and they both go on to find people who they have deep, loving connections with.

11. Lucifer and Eve

As a couple, Lucifer and Eve (Inbar Lavi) are doomed from the start. After getting bored of heaven's glittering perfection, Eve comes down to Earth in search of a good time. She also comes in search of Lucifer, as he's the person who first taught her that she could act on her own desires instead of being who everyone else thought she should be. Meanwhile, Lucifer is intent on avoiding whatever is happening between him and Chloe, leading to a perfect storm of avoidance and poor choices.

Lucifer is initially drawn to Eve because she wants him to be the devil that he is. Unlike Chloe, Eve isn't scared by his devil face. Their relationship eventually turns sour when Lucifer realizes he doesn't like the person he is when he's with Eve, while Eve finally comes to the conclusion that she needs to find out who she really is without the guidance of a man. Like most events that happen on the show, Eve and Lucifer's relationship needs to run its course so they can both come closer to finding out who they really are and what they really want. Their time together isn't a total loss in the end, as it eventually leads to them both finding the people who they are actually meant to be with.

10. The Goddess and Dan

It's hard to really qualify this next relationship because it exists in something of a gray area. In Season 2, Lucifer's mother — also known as The Goddess of All Creation — comes to town by hopping into the body of a recently murdered woman named Charlotte Richards. Only Lucifer and Amenadiel know Charlotte's real identity at this point, and her erratic behavior is perplexing to those around her.

One of the people The Goddess gets her claws into is poor, unsuspecting Dan. Lucifer's mom seduces Dan in order to get information out of him pertaining to a case she's involved in. When Dan finds out, he is understandably upset, but he just keeps coming back for more. It's unclear whether The Goddess ever had any feelings for Dan at all or if she is just using him, but it seems like he's starting to grow on her just a smidge right before she is banished to another universe. They certainly aren't a match made in heaven, but at least they're interesting.

9. God and The Goddess

When it comes to God (Dennis Haysbert) and The Goddess, it all seems pretty inevitable. When God first comes down to Earth in Season 5, chaos ensues. Lucifer's twin, Michael, convinces God he's losing his powers, which leads God to decide it is finally time to retire from being God. Lucifer is understandably upset about this but decides to do everything he can to make God's retirement as smooth as possible. In true Lucifer fashion, he makes a series of well-meaning but unwanted gestures, only to finally realize what God really wants in his retirement is someone to share it with.

Finally understanding God's true desire, Lucifer momentarily brings The Goddess back from her new universe to be reunited with her ex-husband. They may have previously had a huge fight that led God to banish The Goddess from heaven, but it seems such things can be relatively easily forgiven when you're a celestial who lives forever. God and The Goddess' happy recoupling makes sense when you consider this show's insistence that everyone gets a shot at redemption, so we can't really be mad at these crazy kids for trying to make it work, even if the whole world was almost destroyed the last time they got together.

8. Linda and Lucifer

Linda (Rachael Harris) and Lucifer are never really a couple as much as a therapist and a patient with a unique payment plan. Lucifer first meets Linda Martin in the pilot while he and Chloe investigate their first case together. Lucifer and Linda begin a therapy session of their own, and when Lucifer deduces that Linda desires him, they begin a therapist-with-benefits arrangement.

Their relationship is never romantic — it's purely of the carnal variety — and both parties are aware of the rules of their arrangement. Linda eventually puts a stop to the quid pro quo side of their relationship and becomes Lucifer's therapist in a more traditional sense. Linda also becomes one of Lucifer's closest friends, after several seasons, it's hard to remember a time when there was even anything sexual between them. Out of all the relationships on the show, Linda and Lucifer's is the one that ends the most peacefully, likely owing to Linda's profession, and the conclusion of their carnal entanglement also means a new, much healthier relationship can bloom in its wake.

7. Chloe and Dan

Chloe and Dan are already separated by the time the show begins, so it's difficult to really evaluate their marriage in any objective sense. Nonetheless, we've seen Chloe and Dan work and parent together for six seasons, so we have a pretty good sense of their dynamic. It's obvious that Chloe and Dan's romantic partnership has run its course by the time Lucifer comes on board — their separation tells us as much. While Dan is committed to getting back together with Chloe for a while, he eventually accepts that she has moved on and that their relationship is no longer in the cards. 

But, despite their divorce, Chloe and Dan never stop loving and respecting one another and never have a problem working together to try and make the world a better place. They are both equally committed to being good parents to Trixie (Scarlett Estevez), and their love for her outweighs any other disagreements or conflicts they might have. It's clear they were never soulmates, but the time they had together was meaningful to them both, and it produced what they are both proudest of — Trixie. As far as divorces go, Chloe and Dan's is one of the most amicable we've ever seen.

6. Lucifer and Candy

Technically, Lucifer and Candy (Lindsey Gort) are never actually a couple, but they were literally married, so it's only fair they have a spot on the list. Candy is first introduced in Season 2 as part of Lucifer's convoluted plot to defeat his mother. After Chloe almost dies in the previous episode, Lucifer literally dies and goes to hell to save her, then flees town to escape the enormity of what happened. Like a good devil, he heads to Las Vegas where he meets a woman named Candy at a nightclub.

The two hatch a plot wherein Lucifer pays off all of Candy's debts in return for her joining him LA as his wife in order to suss out what The Goddess has in store. The Candy Morningstar we first meet is a ditzy blonde stripper who seems to be another one of Lucifer's regrettable whims of fancy. What we later learn, however, is that Candy is actually a talented actress who masquerades as an airhead in order to fool The Goddess. When Candy and Lucifer's origin story is revealed, we discover the two make a great pair and actually had a sweet, albeit platonic, mute-cute.

Of course, Candy's sudden appearance in LA only creates more problems for Chloe and Lucifer, as Chloe feels betrayed that Lucifer left town and returned with a wife right after she almost died. Nonetheless, while Candy and Lucifer are never actually an item, we enjoy them as a duo that allowed us to see a softer side of the handsome devil.

5. Amenadiel and Linda

Considering they have to face the wrath of a vengeful demon, Amenadiel and Linda may be the "Lucifer" couple that has to overcome the greatest obstacle in order to be together. While Maze is Amenadiel's first romantic entanglement on Earth, Linda is the one who truly matters to him. Unable to deny their attraction to one another, Amenadiel and Linda begin a clandestine affair that they hide from Maze, fearing her jealous rage. Maze is angry with them, of course, but not because of their relationship. What she's really mad about is the fact that they hid their relationship from her and felt they couldn't trust her.

Maze eventually forgives both Amenadiel and Linda, which theoretically means they can start pursuing an actual relationship with one another. But in the end, Linda decides it's best if they remain friends, and Amenadiel dolefully accepts her decision.

Despite the fact that they end their romantic relationship, Linda and Amenadiel wind up being partners in a different sense when Linda finds out she's pregnant with Amenadiel's child. Things turn out surprisingly well in that department, as Linda and Amenadiel turn out to be a great parenting team. Tasked with raising the world's first human-angel baby, Linda and Amenadiel rise to the challenge, proving that partnership and love can come in many different forms.

4. Ella and Carol

For most of her time on "Lucifer," Ella comes up short in the romance department. She always finds herself attracted to "bad boys" who are no good for her, and when she finally finds what she thinks is a nice, good-hearted guy, he turns out to be a literal serial killer. So, when Ella meets Carol (Scott Porter) at the end of "Lucifer" Season 5, we breathed a sigh of relief and hoped this wouldn't spell out another disappointment for Ella.

Prior to his death at the end of the fifth season, Dan is insistent that Ella goes out with his friend Carol, who he says was a really good guy. Rather ironically, Ella and Carol meet for the first time at Dan's funeral, which doesn't exactly seem like a great place for a meet-cute. But despite the circumstances of their introduction, Ella and Carol eventually begin to develop a friendly work rapport that slowly evolves into more.

Ella spends a lot of Season 6 struggling with the fact that she knows about all the celestials but can't discuss this knowledge with anyone, and feels dejected that nobody told her about them sooner. Through all of this, Carol is nothing but supportive and never questions her, even when she behaves rather strangely. We never really get to know Carol very well since he's only around for a season, but he proves himself to finally be someone Ella can trust, and if Ella trusts him, then so do we.

3. Dan and Charlotte

Dan and Charlotte's relationship is tragically brief, which is part of what makes them such a compelling couple. After his confusing run-in with The Goddess, Dan is alarmed to find that Charlotte Richards — the actual Charlotte Richards, this time — has no memory of him or the things they did behind closed doors. At first, he's offended by this, but as he and Charlotte get to know each other better, they develop their own relationship unrelated to The Goddess' influence.

Charlotte spends most of her time in the series trying to redeem herself, partly because of her past conscious actions and partly because of the things The Goddess does while living Charlotte's life. Dan also spends much of the series trying to redeem himself as a result of his past decisions, which makes him and Charlotte an unexpectedly fitting pair.

Unfortunately, Charlotte and Dan have only just begun pursuing a serious relationship when Pierce murders Charlotte by accident. Dan takes Charlotte's death extremely hard and goes down a dark path as a result of his grief. But because heaven is a tangible place in the world of "Lucifer," Dan and Charlotte finally get their happy ending in the great beyond with all the waffles they could ever eat for eternity.

2. Maze and Eve

Apart from Lucifer himself, Maze is probably the "Lucifer" character who grows the most over the course of six seasons. She begins as a single-minded demon who only cares about torture, sex, and having a good time. With the help of her best friend Linda, she eventually comes to realize she does, in fact, have the ability to care about other people when she's not running away from her feelings.

Despite all of the growth she experiences during her time on Earth, Maze spends much of the series believing she's incapable of giving or receiving love. When she meets Eve, she realizes that love could actually be in the cards for her, only for Eve to reject her to do some evolving of her own. When Eve walks back into Maze's life once more, Maze thinks she's ready, only to be spooked by the idea that Eve — the woman she loves — can die at any moment.

After some literal soul-searching, Maze finally realizes that the inevitability of Eve's death is worth it for the lifetime of happiness she could have with her. Not wanting to waste any more time, Maze and Eve decide to get married and start their lives together as soon as possible. If the sight of temperamental, emotionally avoidant Maze standing up in front of her family and friends and telling the love of her life how she feels about her doesn't make your heart squeeze a little bit, then you might be the one without a soul.

1. Lucifer and Chloe

There's no way it could be anything other than this. While other couples on the show have their moments, everything else pales in comparison to the epic, seasons-long, star-crossed romance between Chloe and Lucifer. When Lucifer and Chloe first meet, Chloe is a serious woman focused solely on work and family, while Lucifer is a vapid party animal only interested in living in the moment and satisfying his desires. As they develop a working partnership, they begin growing into better versions of themselves that reflect their true purposes in life.

Lucifer and Chloe are the definition of a slow-burn, and it takes multiple seasons and many trials and tribulations until they can finally be together. Lucifer is constantly avoiding his feelings for Chloe and denying the fact that she makes him vulnerable, while Chloe struggles to reconcile Lucifer's devilish side with the man she knows him to be. With all of the issues between them, it's almost guaranteed that they would never have gotten together at all were it not for Linda's help.

While the constant obstacles coming in the way of their relationship may get tiresome to watch at times, the journey they both take to get to a place where they can finally be together is grueling, agonizing, and joyous all at once. They couldn't have gotten together any earlier because neither of them was ready, and we wouldn't have their divine romance any other way. What other couple can literally say they've been to hell and back together?