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Who Plays The Stranger On Amazon's The Rings Of Power?

Of all the unique and powerful characters that make up the impressive ensemble cast of Amazon Prime's epic fantasy series "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power," there is perhaps no single character as mysterious as the Stranger. An exclusive clip shown at San Diego Comic-Con revealed that this mysterious character (who appears as a human man with wild hair, a ragged beard, and a thin cloak) enters the series after crashing into Middle-earth in a meteorite (via The Hollywood Reporter). The Stranger is soon discovered in a massive, fiery crater by a Harfoots named Elanor "Nori" Brandyfoot (Markella Kavenagh).

As of right now, we have very little information about what the Stranger's purpose in Middle-earth might be, and on top of that, it's not even clear exactly who he is. Is he one of the mysterious Blue Wizards? Is he Sauron in disguise? Or is he something else entirely? Indeed, the numerous questions surrounding the Stranger are sure to puzzle even the most avid readers of J.R.R. Tolkien's books — and as such, there's no doubt that the Stranger's true identity will be one of the major mysteries of the series' first season.

Thankfully, one thing we do know is the actor responsible for this peculiar new addition to the Tolkien mythos. Here's who plays the Stranger on Amazon's "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power."

The Stranger is played by Daniel Weyman

Although we may not know exactly who the Stranger on "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" is, we do know that he will be played by actor Daniel Weyman. Prior to his work on "The Rings of Power," Weyman was best-known for his long history in theater, most notably acting opposite the legendary F. Murray Abraham in the Daniel Kehlmann play "The Mentor" (via The Guardian).

Outside of his work in theater, Weyman is also known for his part in the BAFTA Award-winning BBC Two docuseries "Dunkirk" and his role as Arthur Havisham in the 2012 adaptation of Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations." Weyman also has a career in audiobook narration, having lent his voice to such novels as Andy McNab and Robert Rigby's "Meltdown" (via The Independent). That said, it's clear that Weyman's role as the Stranger is perhaps one of the biggest performances of his entire career — one that makes him a crucial part of the immense story of "The Rings of Power."

Weyman himself gave fans a few hints about what they can expect from the Stranger during a recent interview with Screen Rant, in which he described the intense motivation that drives his character's actions in Middle-earth. "What they were bringing me was a character who had, at his core, a really deep and primal purpose," Weyman said. "He had a need to accomplish something." Although it's currently unclear what this purpose might be, Weyman's obvious enthusiasm for this role (as well as his prolific acting résumé) ought to make fans even more excited to meet the Stranger in "The Rings of Power."