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Looper Survey: How MCU Fans Really Feel About Marvel TV And Movie Fatigue

Marvel fatigue is a very real thing that is slowly spreading among the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom. The idea gained traction during Phase 4 of the MCU when Marvel Studios began introducing a slew of Disney+ series, and movies weren't living up to the hype of those in "The Infinity Saga." Most Disney+ series and Phase 4 films have received a mediocre response from fans and critics (via IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes), but a few definitely stand out above the rest, like "WandaVision," "Loki," and "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings."

The problem seems to be that we're being given way more content than ever before (Phase 4 has 14 projects, while Phases 1-3 had 6,6, and 11, respectively). It doesn't seem like fans have an issue with getting so much; it's that Marvel Studios isn't delivering the quality they used to. To be fair, there are plenty of bombs in "The Infinity Saga," but they seem to be more prevalent in Phase 4. Think "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier," "Eternals," and "Thor: Love and Thunder," to name a few. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and plenty of fans have been more than satisfied with Phase 4's offerings. It is very much a "to each their own" kind of deal.

We decided to poll our readers to see if Marvel fatigue has set in for them. Over 600 people took our survey, and the results are pretty promising.

Most MCU fans don't have Marvel Fatigue

We should mention that out of the 616 people who took our survey, 8.44% admitted to never seeing a Marvel Studios movie or television show. But for those who have been immersed in the MCU, 55.36% of respondents said they do not have Marvel fatigue. That's the kind of number the powers-that-be at the studio would be happy to see, as the majority of the fandom is far from wavering on the beloved franchise.

According to Looper's survey, 36.2% of respondents feel the effects of Marvel fatigue. While we couldn't speak with all of those who took our poll, our best guess is that this feeling stems from an abundance of content, with shorter breaks between finales and premieres. It's also getting harder and harder to determine if movie and television fans really love or dislike a new MCU property, as review-bombing has unfortunately become prevalent — and it goes both ways. There's been proof of users on different sites giving just as many positive reviews as negative reviews before movies or shows have even premiered. This was a major debacle for "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law," and we also saw "Ms. Marvel" suffer from the issue as well.

 With the Phase 5 slate solidified, those suffering from Marvel fatigue might not break out of it anytime soon, as 12 new movies and tv series are on their way in the second part of "The Multiverse Saga." At least, for them, it's not 14. But for those ready to devour more, 12 might not be enough.