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Whatever Happened To Nicholas Turturro After Leaving Blue Bloods?

It's fitting for a generational drama like "Blue Bloods" to run for a great many seasons. As such, it's no surprise that the CBS police procedural drama has been going strong for 12 seasons, and "Blue Bloods" Season 13 is on its way. 

The show's central focus is, of course, on the many law enforcement-oriented generations of the Reagan family. Still, over the course of the seasons, many characters who revolve around various members of the family get plenty of exposure, as well. One of the important characters in Jamie Reagan's (Will Estes) story is Nicholas Turturro's Sergeant Tony Renzulli. Renzulli is a good and honest cop with a sense of humor and a talent for training younger officers, and Jamie learns a great deal as his partner. As an added bonus, the Sergeant also provides plenty of the show's more humorous moments. 

Unfortunately for fans of the affable Renzulli, Nicholas Turturro left "Blue Bloods" after Season 6. But what has the actor been up to since then? 

Turturro has been keeping busy after leaving Blue Bloods behind

The last "Blue Bloods" episode Turturro appeared in was 2016's "Cursed." Though he hasn't picked up a recurring role with a similar stature since leaving the show, he certainly hasn't been resting, either. In fact, Turturro's appeared in over 20 projects after "Blue Bloods," and is set to appear in many more. His most high-profile project has arguably been Spike Lee's "BlackKklansman," in which he plays Walker. He's also done a three-episode guest star role in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," playing Detective Frank Bucci. You can also see him in projects like HBO's "The Night of," and hear him in 2017's DC animated movie "Justice League Dark," in which he voices Boston "Deadman" Brand. 

In 2019, Turturro participated in a particularly interesting project when he played Archbishop Pedro Lopez de Luna in "The Name of the Rose," the Italian historical drama miniseries based on Umberto Eco's monk murder mystery of the same name. The series won multiple awards (via IMDb), and Turturro got to work with his older brother John, who starred as detective monk Guglielmo da Baskerville.