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The Danny Storyline CSI: NY Fans Never Got Answers To

In 2004, "CSI" expanded to include the spinoff "CSI: NY," the franchise's second after "CSI: Miami." As its title suggests, the show is centered around forensic investigations into criminal cases in New York City, as opposed to the original series' Las Vegas location. "CSI: NY" ultimately lasted for nine seasons, concluding in 2013.

Since the show is now complete and has been for some time, viewers revisiting or thinking back on "CSI: NY" as a whole have shared various observations that may not have been apparent when new episodes were actively premiering. For instance, one "CSI: NY" episode that didn't age well with the benefit of hindsight is Season 7, Episode 15, titled "Vigilante." Fans looking back on the series with its conclusion in mind have also noted that Season 1 of "CSI: NY" is noticeably different in tone than later seasons. Meanwhile, one notable data point possible only in the wake of the show's conclusion is that lead actor Gary Sinise appeared in every episode of "CSI: NY," which amounts to nearly 200 episodes in total.

Similarly, some users online noticed that one particular Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) storyline remained unresolved over the course of the series' run.

Lindsay never finds out about Danny's cheating

A relationship that develops between Danny Messer and fellow detective Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap) becomes a core romantic storyline early on in "CSI: NY." In fact, the two of them get married in Season 5, and remain a couple for the balance of the show. One user on Reddit, however, pointed out that, not only do viewers know that Danny cheated in Lindsay prior to their marriage, but Lindsay never actually finds out about Danny's infidelity.

In response, user wordy_shipmates corroborated the fact that Lindsay never learns that Danny cheated, and argued that the "CSI: NY" writers' room proverbially swept that element of Danny's past under the rug. "The whole thing was a cringe plot and I deeply disliked it," they continued. Other commenters, meanwhile, disparaged Danny's character on a macro level, beyond just his unfaithfulness to his partner.

During an interview with the "CSI" fan site CSI Files published during "CSI: NY" Season 2, Belknap mentioned that, not only are Danny and Lindsay compatible characters, but she and Messer would get along notably well off-camera too. It's entirely possible, then, that Lindsay remained with Danny at least in part due to the actors' chemistry with one another, perhaps at the expense of Lindsay learning about some of Danny's outright unsavory characteristics.