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We Have Pete Davidson To Thank For Joe Pesci's Return To Comedy

Joe Pesci is an absolute legend of an actor. The performer has had notable roles across several decades and has been behind such memorable characters as charismatic hothead Tommy DeVito in "Goodfellas," unlikely lawyer Vinny Gambini in "My Cousin Vinny," and ice-cold mobster Nicky Santoro in "Casino."

Unfortunately, Pesci has been semi-retired for the last two decades, only occasionally reemerging to act in projects like "The Good Shepherd" and "The Irishman" (via The Washington Post). However, viewers will be seeing a lot more of Pesci in a new series from actor and comedian Pete Davidson.

The "Saturday Night Live" alum has been producing new projects like "King of Staten Island" for years while he worked on the comedy-variety series. Now Davidson has left the long-running show behind, and it looks like the venerable Pesci will be returning to his first comedy role in over two decades for Davidson's upcoming TV project.

Joe Pesci will join Pete Davidson in Bupkis

Pete Davidson is working with Peacock to bring the new series "Bupkis" to life. The show will be a somewhat exaggerated version of Davidson's real life and will feature Edie Falco as his mother and Joe Pesci as his grandfather, according to Deadline. Since Davidson will also be appearing in the series, we can assume that this will be exploring his adulthood mainly. Further, since Davidson's father died tragically during the 9/11 attack (via Cinema Blend), we can probably ascertain that the timeline begins after 2001, as no one has been cast in the role of the actor's father. 

Though Pesci had come out of retirement for a few films over the last 23 years, none of them have been live-action comedies or television shows. This means that "Bupkis" will set two impressive returns for the actor. Furthermore, the show will mark only his second time starring on a TV series; way back in 1985, he played New York City cop-turned-actor Rocky Nelson in the short-lived detective comedy/drama "Half Nelson."

Aside from Pesci's participation making Davidson's upcoming series all the more enticing, there's always the possibility that "Bupkis" may bring the reclusive actor out of his shell and convince him to appear in more projects.