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Tekken: Bloodline Fans Are All Pointing Out The Same Glaring Issue

Netflix's anime library just got a little bigger with the release of a new show inspired by "Tekken," one of the most iconic fighting game franchises ever made. Take a seat, Ryu. Get over there, Scorpion. The King of Iron Fist Tournament has begun with the release of "Tekken: Bloodline," a new series that puts characters from the almost 30-year-old franchise in a whole new light.

Adapting the epic saga of spinning kicks and wrestlers in tiger masks, "Tekken: Bloodline" centers on Jin Kazama (Kaiji Tang), who initially debuted in "Tekken 3" and is shown here on a quest to exact his revenge on the monster that killed his mother. To even the odds, he seeks guidance from his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima (S. Hiroshi Watanabe), who forces him into a lethal tournament to exchange blows with other fighters that will be familiar favorites for fans of the video game series.

Met with a somewhat welcome reception by viewers and earning an audience rating of 77% on Rotten Tomatoes, "Tekken: Bloodline" does an excellent job of telling a solid story in a slightly absurd world full of ogres and robot ninjas. However, even with the impressive fight sequences, there's one grating issue that fans have quickly spotted that is present throughout the entire series. In fact, it's something that, once you've been made aware of it, will become impossible to ignore, no matter which direction you shine a light at it.

Fans can't let go of the wild use of shadow in Tekken: Bloodline

Don't adjust your screens, dear reader. The angular shadow you see in the image above is just a taste of what floods the entire "Tekken: Bloodline" series that has left fans baffled. Whether a fighter is near a naked flame or a stage spotlight, characters in the show somehow manage to find themselves under a shadow of a giant triangle, often in a hilarious capacity. Understandably, the pointy bits of shadow became something that fans, even with their love of their show couldn't help but ... well, point out.

@FGC_Daily praised the show but couldn't ignore the glaring issue saying, "Just finished watching 'Tekken: Bloodline.' The fight scenes were excellent, and my ability to see normal shadows is now permanently bodied." @Ozymahdiaz got a bit creative using the classic kid with veins meme saying, "Watching 'Tekken: Bloodline' and trying my best to ignore the triangle shadows."

Other viewers gave the show a closer inspection, unable to wrap their heads around what they saw. @KieranDoherty described it as "off-putting," saying, "God... EVERY character has it, even if they're looking up and into the light! Even in evenly lit rooms." Thankfully, Dominic Ng of Yahoo News offered a theory suggesting why the triangle shadows are there, explaining, "The whole anime is done in 3D, and isn't your typical hand drawn anime, which is why I think this oversight was present." See for yourself and check out "Tekken: Bloodline" on Netflix now (preferably in a well-lit area).