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The Bob's Burgers Star You Likely Didn't Know Boasts South Park Writing Credits

"Bob's Burgers" and "South Park" are two of the most successful adult animation comedies in television history. The longevity of these hilarious shows is a testament to both the dedicated fan following and consistent critical acclaim of each. The original and memorable characters are repeatedly thrown into increasingly outlandish adventures taking viewers on countless journeys through multiple seasons. 

The cast and crew of these side-splitting programs feature an abundance of talent wearing multiple hats, exposing their multifaceted abilities. "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are famous for leaving their signature stamp of cheeky humor throughout various layers of the series. The creative duo both share writing, directing, and animation roles and voice the show's iconic characters, including the four lead boys (Parker voices Cartman and Stan while Stone brings Kenny and Kyle to life). "Bob's Burgers" follows in similar footsteps, with creators bringing guest roles to life and actors lending their talents to the writer's room.

"Bob's Burgers" creator Loren Bouchard voices additional characters on the hit series, including the lovable bank robber Micky (before Bill Hader assumed the role). Titular star H. Jon Benjamin (Bob Belcher) even wrote three episodes, including Gene's (Eugene Mirman) sleepover adventure "Cheer Up Sleepy Gene," Bob's short-lived experience with young chef friends "Secret Admiral-irer," and Tina's (Dan Mintz) graffiti misadventures with Ghost Boy ("The Rehearsal's" Nathan Fielder) in "The Land Ship." One "Bob's Burgers" cast member even lent her talents to "South Park" in 2007.

Kristen Schaal was a consultant writer on two episodes

"South Park's" outrageous depictions of our political landscape is one of the many elements that the series is notable and arguably even infamous for. One particular episode chronicles an insane conspiracy planting a nuclear weapon on a spoof version of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Season 11 Episode 4, "The Snuke," lists Schaal as a consulting writer on IMDB, which could explain both the hilarity and delicacy in portraying such events. 

On "Bob's Burgers," Schaal voices the pink-ear-hatted youngest Belcher sibling Louise whose menacing sense of humor fits quite well within the "South Park" universe. Before her role on "Bob's," Schaal offered insight on another riotous episode with the foul mouth youngsters in Colorado. Season 11 Episode 14 "The List" explores the ego boost boys get when they're found attractive by another. The list, created by the girls, ranks the boys of South Park Elementary superficially by looks with disastrous results for the school.  

This episode in particular breaks down the alienating differences between boys and girls at this young age, especially within a school system. Schaal's consulting here brings the potty-mouthed series marketed heavily to boys a surprising twist in authenticity. The authentic representation leads to a richer narrative that is ultimately funnier and much more worthy of revisiting.