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The Weird Detail You Missed In Season 1 Of South Park

For over 25 years, "South Park" has been a hilarious staple of the adult-animation television genre. The black comedy consistently pushes boundaries with insensitive characters, offensive remarks, and social commentaries that mirror our own real-world events. Each episode is packed with wildly imaginative insults hurled by "South Park's" iconic juvenile characters and a revolutionary art style that's distinctive of this uproarious series. 

 "South Park" has tremendous longevity, having first premiered on August 13th, 1997, with the tone-setting first episode, in which the four main kids encounter beings from another world. We're immediately introduced to the foul-mouthed youngsters and their various misadventures in South Park with incompetent adults, bigoted townies, corrupt politicians, and unhinged celebrities. The success of the series inspired a major motion picture, "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut," celebrating the series with more than a few memorable musical numbers. It also led to three original streaming movies exclusively available on Paramount+ chronicling the wacky events of the town as they respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. While it may not be for everyone, die-hard fans are revisiting the show and eagle-eye viewers are finding amusing easter eggs and details.

There's a hidden detail in Season 1 Episode 8

When revisiting the series' first Thanksgiving special, "Starvin' Marvin," a keen-eyed Reddit user noticed a silly detail that even ties in part of the episode. When Marvin returns home to his family, a member of his community is holding a baby that appears to be both Ethiopian and Canadian. This is evident in the specific facial structuring creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone utilize when drawing Canadians with two dots for eyes and a simple line for a mouth. 

This even harkens back to the Canadian show within a show: "The Terrance and Phillip Show." The flatulence-filled Thanksgiving special repeatedly runs throughout the episode as the kids enjoy their favorite program. This is also where they first see the ad urging folks at home to help Ethiopians in need during the upcoming holiday season. While they aren't moved by those less fortunate in them, they are immediately intrigued by a digital sports watch that accompanies a $5 donation. This convinces the kids to donate, which leads to the snafu delivering Marvin instead of the sports watch. 

Even when Marvin is watching television, "The Terrance and Phillip Show" still plays, reminding the audience of the distinct style used for Canadians on "South Park." This primes viewers to pick up on this small detail which begs the question: what other easter eggs are we possibly missing? With over 25 years of episodes streaming, it's safe to assume there are more than a few.