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Only Murders In The Building Showrunner Confirms What We Suspected About A Future Franchise

"Only Murders in the Building" has been a smash hit for Hulu, and with Season 2's finale comes Season 3's confirmation. Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez are all set to return, with Paul Rudd hopping onboard for Season 3 as well. You have to wonder how a show like this can go on — how unlucky are the people who live in the Arconia, and how can these deaths continue to happen? "Only Murders in the Building" showrunner John Hoffman is not short on ideas, so fans should be excited about everything that's to come.

When the idea was first pitched to Hoffman, he said his mind just kept coming up with idea after idea for stories. "I think there's great variety [in terms of the stories that can be told]. I know there have been funny discussions about how many murders can there be in one building, but I think that's a fun challenge, too. So, I'm very excited. I think these characters are endlessly fascinating. I love the world we've created within New York," Hoffman told The Hollywood Reporter.

"Only Murders in the Building" might not have a definitive end season in sight, but when it is time for that show to conclude, it doesn't mean Hoffman cannot expand the world.

Only Murders in the Building spinoffs are not out of the question

During his chat with The Hollywood Reporter, Hoffman was asked about the possibility of doing an "Only Murders in the Building" spinoff five or 10 years later. "I could see a lot of versions of potential for that, absolutely," the showrunner admitted. "There is something endlessly fascinating about a great mystery. That's been proven, and we're in the tradition of it, and I like the tradition of it. I also like playing with the forms. I love a New York story. I love an unexpected way in which to come at that story. So, if we have various murders in various buildings, you never know, with various characters. I could certainly see various ways we can continue this."

Well, there you have it, "Only Murders in the Building" fans — the series has the potential to expand into a universe that is basically par for the course these days. While it will be sad to see Steve Martin's career end when the OG "Only Murders in the Building" concludes, we're happy to know he's leaving a legacy.