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Helena Bonham Carter Once Revealed The Very Worst Part Of The Ape Makeup In Planet Of The Apes

Being a screen actor is a pretty cool gig if the money follows (well, it's always cool, just not cool to starve). They get to travel around the globe to film in unique locations — i.e., most of Netflix's "The Witcher" was filmed in the Canary Islands, Poland, and Spain. They're regularly encouraged to try other artistic mediums, although it's often bigger news when performers from another medium transition into acting (singer Harry Styles has several films, including "My Policeman," coming up). They also, of course, get to play pretend and dress up. Who wouldn't want to say that a regular day at work involves a superhero costume?

All of this, of course, is well and good, but there are some downsides. The total removal of personal privacy aside, a notably frequent complaint heard from actors has to do with, shall we say, genre-specific costumes. In this way, here's what Helena Bonham Carter once said about her attire for "Planet of the Apes." 

Costuming never anticipates the human factor

According to Cinema, Helena Bonham Carter spoke about how her costuming and makeup made "Planet of the Apes" uncomfortable at times, especially when the facilities were required. "The absolute worst part was going to the toilet," she said. "That was a huge event in itself and very exhausting. It meant removing your rubber furry hands and then struggling to open your ape suit — so basically we ate and drank as little as possible simply to avoid the incredible logistical problems of going to the toilet. Most of the time when we weren't shooting our scenes we tried to move as little as possible so as not to mess up our suits or waste any energy."

This isn't an isolated incident, either. E! News made a list back in 2017 of all the celebrities who struggled with the same issue during their respective stints as superheroes. Apparently, there's not a single costume designer in Hollywood who wants actors to know peace in the bathroom. Listen, actors are often a bit dramatic about everything, including their working conditions, so they deserve a little humbling from time to time, but this is ridiculous.