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The Jody Detail That Confuses Some Shameless Fans

"Shameless" is a chaotic family drama with unique storylines and even more interesting characters. The Gallaghers are always getting into trouble, surrounded by a supporting cast that simultaneously helps and hinders their efforts to keep their heads above water. One such figure is a character named Jody Silverman (Zach McGowan), featured prominently in Seasons 2 and 3.

Jody is a bizarre character for several reasons. After meeting Karen (Laura Slade Wiggins), Jody dates and marries her even though she's significantly younger than him. When their relationship doesn't work out, Jody aims his wayward affections at Sheila (Joan Cusack). If some fans were confused by Frank (William H. Macy) and Sheila's relationship, then Sheila and Jody's connection is just as odd. He helps Sheila steal Karen's baby from the hospital, and the trio function as an unorthodox family unit for several episodes. However, after the pair decide to end their dalliance, Jody returns to Karen and resumes calling Sheila mom.

The family dynamics at the Jackson house were never quite normal, but Jody adds his flavor of weird to the mix. Aside from his wavering romantic interests, certain aspects of Jody's personality have raised some questions among fans of the show. Let's take a look at the detail that has viewers perplexed.

Jody is a tattoo artist with no tattoos

Money matters are typically a big concern for the characters on "Shameless," and Jody is no different. He works as a tattoo artist. However, fans are confused because even though Jody is portrayed as a tattoo artist, he doesn't have any ink to speak of. Despite the numerous times he's seen shirtless on the show, Jody's skin is as clear as a newborn's. "Never trust a tattoo artist with no tattoos," wrote u/jedchub.

On the other hand, some viewers think that Jody's lack of tattoos characterizes him. "'Nah, I'm scared of needles, I'd never get tats' is what I'd imagine him saying," added u/LongWaysForResults. Since fake tattoos are regularly applied to actors to enhance their performance, Jody's distinct lack of body art is worth pointing out (via PopSugar). Indeed not every tattoo artist in the world has tattoos, though, in Jody's case, the absence is another aspect of his personality that doesn't add up. Perhaps it was a comedic angle, or maybe the makeup department needed to reduce their budget. Whatever the reason, Jody's tattoo-less torso is another one of the show's many unanswered questions.