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Harry Styles Left Everyone On Don't Worry Darling In Tears After Filming This Scene

"Don't Worry Darling" has been making the rounds on social media for all the reasons, with rumors of behind-the-scenes drama between director Olivia Wilde and actress Florence Pugh hindering the production process (Cosmopolitan has the curious covered). Despite this, the film — and make no mistake, this project considers itself a "film" and not a "movie" — is perfectly primed for its upcoming September release date, with a high-profile cast that also includes Chris Pine and Harry Styles.

Of these notable names, Styles stands out as being the sole performer who isn't "an actor first." The star got his start as a member of a boy band created explicitly through the process of filming "X Factor." This isn't mentioned to ostracize him but rather to set our premise, in which his storytelling abilities are lauded for their impressive quality. Here's what Wilde shared about Styles' acting talent during a recent interview. 

Harry Styles knows how to be fully in the moment

According to ABC News, Olivia Wilde told Rolling Stone about a sequence in "Don't Worry, Darling" in which Harry Styles went beyond what was expected. "The scene called for him to stand onstage with Frank (Chris Pine) and chant their creepy slogan 'Whose world is it? Ours!' over and over again. Dark as hell," she explained. "But Harry took it to another level. He was so fully in the moment, he began screaming the lines to the crowd, in this primal roar, that was way more intense than anything we expected from the scene. The camera operator followed him as he paced around the stage like a kind of wild animal. We were all gobsmacked at the monitor. I think even Harry was surprised by it."

Wilde's response is kind of the actor's dream. Few performers wouldn't relish knowing their work stirred viewers to a strong, emotional reaction. Granted, she is Styles' current partner, so her opinions are arguably biased, but last year, Vogue did a piece saying much the same thing. With several Oscar-bait projects under his belt, from "Dunkirk" to "Don't Worry, Darling," as well as a foot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with "The Eternals," anticipate many more films featuring the former boy band star for quite some time.