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Love Island Is Losing A Key Piece Of Talent

Following in the footsteps of its short-lived predecessor that aired a decade prior, "Love Island" hit the airwaves in 2015. Unlike the previous take on the program, where celebrities comprised the main cast, the revival puts non-celebrities at the forefront instead, but don't be fooled. Not only has this reboot packed in all of the pause-worthy bombshells and romance one would want from such a series, but it quickly found its niche in the world of reality television. In fact, it has already managed to accumulate eight seasons and hundreds of episodes.

The rules for the contestants of "Love Island" are simple: team up with someone else on the cast and do your best to earn the £50,000 prize. Of course, to keep everyone on their toes, eliminations from the contestant pool occur periodically until only one couple remains by the end of the season. As one can imagine, all kinds of hijinks, drama, and mayhem occur along the way, but if you're into this kind of television, it's all just part of the fun. Although, if you're a big fan of the series, this bit of news will likely leave you quite disappointed.

A key personality on "Love Island" has announced their departure from the program. Here's who won't return for Season 9.

Laura Whitmore's time on Love Island is over

On August 22, 2022, "Love Island" host Laura Whitmore made an Instagram post that dropped quite a bombshell on the show's fandom. "I won't be hosting the next series of Love island. There are certain elements of the show I've found very difficult that cannot be changed some due to the format," she wrote, going on to explain that the extensive travel required to be a part of the program isn't possible given other projects she's a part of at the moment. "I wish it was still possible but know you'll be in safe hands," she adds.

Whitmore first took up "Love Island" host duties in 2020, taking over for the late Caroline Flack — something she notes she only planned to do for a single season in the wake of her friend's death. Nevertheless, she wound up sticking around the show for three seasons. Although, as pointed out by Variety, her presence in the most recent was limited. ITV expressed its gratitude toward Whitmore, stating, "Laura has been a fantastic host across the last three series of the show. We are so grateful for everything she has brought to the programme but understand and respect her decision."

Time will tell who will take over for Laura Whitmore as the next two seasons of "Love Island" come together.